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  • sec_fordummies sec_fordummies Jul 15, 2011 5:10 PM Flag

    Will it be considered a tax increase to me...

    when my son gets food poisoning because we cut back spending on overseeing the saftey of our food supply and he spends three days in a hospital?

    when I get robbed because they fired a few police officers to make budget?

    Just curious....

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    • Not only that, how about all those tax subsidies they give to big oil, small start-up solar panel manufacturers and other green energy businesses. The subsidized electric cars and the 400mph proposed bullet train. Who do you think is going to subsidized those ticket prices for the fat cats who will ride those things. The tax payer that's who.

      Furthermore, it is the taxpayer who will pay for your son because your poor parenting skills, because you don't know how to prepare food properly. Then if your son gets fat the government will have to declare you an unfit mother and take him from you. Another burden on the taxpayer.

      "when I get robbed because they fired a few police officers to make budget?"

      This is why you need to need to buy a gun. I reccomend you buy a .380 small enough to fit in a handbag and stay out of bad neighborhoods late at night.

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      • Common sense tells you we need food oversight. Look at China and all those dead babys from tainted milk. Look at the dogs and cats that died from bad food from China. Dogs and cats dont get food oversight. Look at a higher level to find true waste. They hid it like the 1000.00 hammers. They didnt pay 1000.00 for a hammer they wasted the money on a waste project. 100.00 toilet seats my eye.

      • Protect yourself because right when you need a Policeman they are only hours away. Yes we can not afford to buy a policeman for every house but we do not need to cut them. THEY NEED JOBS TOO!!! We need them also. Enter my home robber you will meet my gun. I do not expect the police to die for me its not their job. I do expect them to find the escape robber or my killer.

        The oil that we import is bought because the government taxes oil produced here and used here higher than what the oil companies can import it for. So they drill oil here they ship it out to over there and buy from over there to use here to avoid the higher taxes. What sense does that make? That's our government. This was told to me by a man that was heavily in the oil business 10 years ago. Now you wonder why we dont have jobs but the oil companies are rich. They can charge you heavily and get the oil cheaper because they are taxed to high to produce it here and use it here. He told me sometimes they just switch oil tankers to make it legal here on taxes for a small fee.

    • All that stuff is the government black mailing you. They have plenty of wasteful things to cut with out cutting police and teachers. Pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop taking multimillion dollar trips on tax payer money for fun. Have parties for yourself that you pay for. Stop flying beef from Japan to eat MR Obama!!! Thats just a few. If they cut police fire rescue then out they go with their Japanese Beef plates.

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