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  • wallalleypigg wallalleypigg Aug 8, 2011 12:10 PM Flag



    for the American PIGGS

    What Americans already know.
    With Popcorn everyone will be watching NYC NUKED on CNN.
    How to protect your portfolio against PIGGS. Butcher them and their bloodlines as Satan does.
    Paying off the US Debt by siphoning, pulling and laundering from Americans and the worlds savings & portfolios by the Wall Alley and the Red Plague and associate PIGGS. Satan works hard to maintain his turf and cares ABOUT NO ONE ELSE EXCEPT HIS WALL ALLEY PIGG POCKETS.
    Next week ju ju bees take market straight down, pocket the goods AND RUN like Satan’s disciples they are. Then it’s called
    THE END.
    THE Masturbating left hand of Satan Rises and the right hand of Good Man across the world descends.
    The blue administration keeps gas prices low during the GREEN transition and the markets drop. That does not make sense and these drops are controlled by the American Wall Alley PIGG & Red Plague and EVIL Man.
    Wall Alley & Red Plague PIGGS – Satan and his Legion ARRIVE and CONJURE U for his consummation.
    Satan GIVES AMERICAN PIGGS higher than triple A. He GIVES THE PIGGS Triple 6.
    Fidelity, E- Trade (FBI & Hit Men Visiting U PIGGS), Ameriprise, Wells Fargo, Hudson, Knight Securities, Federal Reserve and the list goes on. PIGG brokerages. DO any of U have any idea how much of your savings the PIGGS have taken illegally? Use your Special Forces America to waste every Trader PIGG and their bloodlines and these Brokerages that FEED Satan.

    Let’s see how the Wall Alley and Red Plague PIGGS do grabbing their ankles.
    The anal trident of Satan steers u PIGGS down to Satan’s Ground Zero.
    The Wall Alley PIGGS arrogantly taunt the World and “steal and short” their investments. The PIGGS of the Wall Alley and the Red Plague “materialize” shares and use them maliciously to pay off debt and illegally pocket the hard working investments of people throughout the world and America.
    This is EVIL Man. IN 2011, 201x, 201 EVIL Man does not go too far.
    The market drop was little by the run of mill shareholder. The fact is there were “no shares”. But Satans disciples in NYC generate the shares electronically and rip off the world.
    Like that Russia, China, North Korea, Iran?
    A Team of 4.
    They score. They score.
    The WORLDS #1 PIGGS and Terrorists and fugitives are found in the wall alley PIGG and Red Plague and they will get no mercy from Satan.
    SaTAN WEDS u piggs FOREVER. U will have plenty of time to SPEND in Satans strip mall where your flesh gets ripped off and salted.
    dOwN to Ground Zero.
    Praying may save your soul.

    This topic is deleted.
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