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  • project2069 project2069 May 20, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    Besides Zimm's history of violence



    Your attitude will change real fast if Zimmerman is exonerated. The nig-nog's will riot hard, and innocent people will die.

    Who's fault will it be? The liberal press and our racist president who's son would look like Trayvon.

    Who will ultimately suffer? The blacks, and Obama's re-election campaign.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Unfortunately overcharging to 2nd degree murder instead of voluntary manslaughter may have made an acquittal all but inevitable assuming the judge, on viewing the autopsy evidence, doesn't simply toss the case out.

      Almost all the subjective and ALL the objective evidence points to this being a legal, if distasteful, shoot. The problem is that it is ALWAYS distasteful when someone dies in a needless argument or conflict. But when assessing guilt the standard has always been "who threw the first punch", deciding who was the one breaking the peace.

      Maybe Trayvon did get into a verbal argument with Zimmerman and Zimmerman talked some at him, I'm sure Trayvon didn't grow up without playing the dozens at some point in time. I can't think of anything other than irritation over being followed that would have caused Trayvon to double back and approach Zimmerman, but for whatever reason we know he did. If he simply closed the gap and started hitting "MMA style" as the witness said, then we've wasted a great deal of the taxpayers dollars questioning a local DA who as it would seem to turn out had been right all along.

      Remember, a murder conviction requires belief beyond a reasonable doubt. What this whole things to be doing is going the same way the OJ case did. The count will render an aquittal, and then the parents will sue in civil court and if ever said ANYTHING bad about ANY black person it'll come out in court, and he'll be assumed guilty, and the family will get a nice big fat court settlement. Which isn't going to replace their son, but it's a reasonable alternative strategy if their goal is to simply punish Zimmerman.

      No, it won't be the criminal courts that get him, it'll be the civil courts, where the rules of evidence are loser, hearsay is allowed, and two points (which technically even don't necessarily represent a straight line) somehow constitute a pattern.

    • They won't have a trial until after the election just for that reason.


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