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  • methuserlaw methuserlaw Jun 30, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Over a Million Jeeps could Catch Fire

    And right wing troglodytes are bashing a couple small fires in electric cars.

    DETROIT -- A deal between the government and Chrysler over Jeeps linked to deadly fires isn't sitting well with many Jeep owners and auto safety advocates.

    In early June, after a nearly three-year investigation, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration recommended that Chrysler recall 2.7 million older Jeep SUVs because the fuel tanks could rupture, leak and cause fires in rear-end crashes.

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    • The difference is that unlike the electric cars, the Jeeps must actually be DAMAGED before they catch on fire (and that fire mostly confined), as opposed to high capacitance Lithium fuel cells, which can ignite just from being overcharged, and whose ignition can start ANYWHERE that batteries are deployed in the chassis.

      And good luck driving from Texas to Vegas in one of those as 2/3 of the trip is in VERY sparsely populated areas with almost no public electricity access with which to bed down for the night while your car recharges.

      Sure, they MIGHT be justified in cities that totally lack public transportation systems, but in the end the public transportation systems are significantly cheaper, and create less pollutants to make and install.

      So, fix for Jeep . . . add self sealing walls to the fuel tanks. Fix for electric cars, invent Fusion Plants or install lots more fission plants to provide the power and Superconductive batteries to store and deliver the power. Guess which fix is easier? Given we've been working on room temperature superconductors since I was a kid, and the ONLY progress is a unit that works at Liquid Nitrogen temperatures rather than Liquid Helium or Hydrogen, I'd say we have a VERY long way to go.

    • great post shorty

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