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  • bypartisan305 bypartisan305 Jul 20, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    THIS JUST IN...................


    A judge has ruled the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit unconstitutional
    and it will not go forward.

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    • I suppose they can pay in slaves . . . afterall the ONE exception to the 13th Amendment is "except when such servitude is part of the sentence of a court." So, they could simultaneously solve their prison population problem, revitalize Detroit's auto industry by providing a cheap source of labor, and #$%$ off every other municipality that wishes they'd thought of it first.

      Nawwww . . . it's legal, but Eric Holder would have a freaking stroke.

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      • fubar, Just like most Pubs, you love to beat around the bush
        to avoid a straight anwser.

        ***'s legal, but Eric Holder would have a freaking stroke.***

        fubar, Are you any kind of a lawyer? I don''t think so! Therefore, you don't
        know what's legal in the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit in regard
        to bankruptcy. The Constitution of the State of Michigan declares that the
        State or City may not unfertake any actions that endanger pensions.
        This matter is now before the Appellate Court of Michigan

        fubar, You will have a stroke and not AG Eric Holder. Sometimes, you
        make sense but more often, you do not.

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