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  • biddermon_ca biddermon_ca Jul 22, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    No wonder blacks stay on the bottom

    Of the economic ladder. Relating to a black(thought Obama is a white African born to a white mother in Hawaii) is more important than making it for you and your family. These folks need a real leader to explain that having the black experience is not a way out of their social and economic plight.. But than again...good luck with that, being a victim covers a multitude of sins.

    Since the community agitator has been President blacks have done worst than their counter parts "white folks"..... Yet it's cool, cause he's cool. Zimmerman is not what ails them. When are these folks going to wise up and stop listening to these race hustlers including the one in the Whitehouse?

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    • Just in case anyone was unsure of Biddy and rodent's racist leanings they've donned their white hoods in this thread. Just hope they don't breed.

    • Yep - starting right with BIG MOUTH Al Sharpton - but then then if he can't inflict HATE - he can't make money - I really feel sorry for the folks who try to do the right thing, making an honest living and try to integrate! But NO, those left wing blacks including the community organizer always screw it up for them.
      The largest task and that should be fixed is the BLACK on BLACK crime - where is OBIMBO?
      Why can't it be like in the military??? Black, white, brown, red, green, nobody has that problem - the word is "praise the lord and pass the ammunition"! Maybe those hate mongers should have served in the military, starting with Sharpton and OBIMBO!

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      • ** racist leanings they've donned their white hoods**

        Right on cue... See these folks like the race hustlers on this board down deep are the real racist. Keeping the minorities on their plantation of dependency. How did Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty work out after spending trillions. It's not blacks, it's "their" blacks that need to toe the Democratic line all the way to the poor house or incarceration. They are the folks that block any reform in the school system through their total control of the schools via the corrupt teachers unions. God forbid you give people a choice by way of vouchers to attend good schools instead of being trapped in the substandard public union schools infested with cronyism and crime.

        What has all this loyalty to the Democratic party for all these decades got them, more condescending remarks and pandering by the like of q4dike and his white liberal pals.

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