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  • spanspur spanspur Mar 29, 2013 5:00 AM Flag

    One More Negative Article From Motley Fraud And We Will All Be Rich........

    Never fails.........Just Go The Opposite Way

    Special thanks to Motley Fraud. Reminds me of when S&P dispatched children to write caustic coverage about
    WG about 16 months ago when I began loading up.

    Interesting thing about WG and its history. Anytime there has been a problem overseas, when the trouble starts, there is always a local company that comes forward to buy them out. I guess we can say the company is connected.

    Once again Motley Fraud thanks for having one of the parrots on your staff write this deceptive profile. Works everytime. I still hold 135,000 shares and clearly the best is yet to come...............


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    • We just need one more negative article with false innuendo and zero conclusion from Motley Fraud and we will all be tens of thousands, if not hundreds, or better yet millions.................of $$ richer.

      Maybe Seth "i really don't have a clue how to value and pick winners in the market" Jayson, will work up one of the meaningless chart presentations. Probably the one where ole Seth trys to convince the reader that the inventory turn for WG looks good, but it is unclear what the future holds.

      Oh, that's right, WG is a oil and gas/energy service and engineering company. But Seth has tryed that here once before...................

      Sentiment: Hold

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