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  • reviresco_1999 reviresco_1999 Apr 25, 2005 5:43 AM Flag


    I usually don't agree with Cramer and his buddies, but yes Bush and the republicans are only out to help the big corp's and con the public with lip service for hydrogen and alternatives. I just hope the Dems don't run some one that is or will be labeled a radical or liberal that the republicans will easily be able to label as such and con the american voters once again into voting them back in to keep us behind the world in development of new things and keep us dependent on foreign oil.

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    • H.R. 6 was passed and had lots of funding for hydrogen over the next 10 years. Funding for nuclear power plants to create hydrogen, even research on a new type of reactor so as to facilitate hydrogen production. Money is included for vehicles and infrastructure.

      Yes, if we had a Democrat we would have more funding, but the way Dean is running the show and the loathing each potential candidate has for their rivals, it isn't going to happen.

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      • I still think to much is going to oil and coal. If nuclear is pushed I hope it's for elctrolysis for hydrogen. I'm also affraid you are right about the Dems not making it as per Dean in charge for now (unless they do horribly in 2006), but yes the loathing of potential candidates will hurt or kill them. At least we do agree the Dems would fund more money for real energy independence.

    • obviously this technology needs gov't support, but as lame as this admin is, they will also get behind anything that will profit them personally also. think they can be bought? huh!

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