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  • reviresco_1999 reviresco_1999 Apr 27, 2005 5:52 PM Flag

    Bush talks Hydrogen

    I didn't hear him today, but all I read is where he is really coming from more nuclear, and refineries. This guy is going to put this country on the wrong path before he is done. We may never recover from him and will be last in development of alternatives in the world. What ever will be left of this country when he turns it into a third world nation will have to remember we got there by what he did. He is going to push us harder and farther back in his last years in office. He is the worst we had leading this country since Jimmy Carter. IMO

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    • Prez looked at two kids in audience and said he was determined for them to take their driver's test in a hydrogen fuel cell car. To generate the enery needed for the masses, he said we must use develop technology to make caol far more cleaner, use nukes, and transport this new tech to the developing China, India, etc. Let's remember, no one has pushed this tech before, NO ONE. The Army has the vehicles, CA has the vehicles, the Japs want to look at the vehicles. Hydro is the future. Stock was at 7.5, now at 3.7 looks attractive to me.

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