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  • johnsponheimer johnsponheimer Jul 6, 2009 11:02 AM Flag


    If this company can't "breathe", it ain't gonna "run". Everything else is irrelevant.

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    • Good old thread.

      I wouldn't be surprised to see $3.50 or higher at the pump this summer.

      Physical Oil is all ready over $100 dollars and paper oil has a lot of catching up to do.

      With April's dept monkey off Quantum's back their is room to breath.

      Now Fisker automotive absolutely must deliver as promised this time!

      If Fisker Automotive delivers it will validate.

      Quantum's contract and maybe more importantly the potential value of the 6.2 million share owner ship Quantum has of Fisker Automotive.

      GM is back, with a purchase order and a development project.

      Tank sells are showing a new trend.

      CERV is waiting for orders.

      More cash on hand earnings and guidance are coming in March.

      I've been talking about Feb since Nov or Dec for good reason's.

      I'm a raging bull here, enjoy the weekend.

    • I belive telsa is in a lot worse shape and have better P.R.

    • Dude you don't know jack and you are desperate and it shows..

      But if it will make you feel better because I know you have the best interest of real investors at heart then go ahead and post I am sure there is something negative about this company that you have missed to bring to our attention of the last years..

    • Bataction,

      Is that the best you got? Seriously..

      Speaking of parental guidance your behavior leads me to believe it is past your bed time..

      Night night don't let the bed bugs bite...

    • Bataction,

      Sorry I wasn't evading you. I ignore stupid questions when they come from you because you are smarter than me and I have nothing to offer you..

      Have a good evening I got to run...

      By the way, I love you man!

    • Your right! I forgot about possible DOE money. PPS always goes up when somebody "gives" us money.

      I would like to know why Tesla got the money before QTWW?

    • I think people are underplaying the importance of the price of a barrel of oil, as it correlates to Green Energy stocks and QTWW pps. This is just my opinion. I recognize oil's potential to move this stock....Sales and Revenues will not be enough to move this puppy in the short term. They'll have to sell alot of car's, injectors, solar panels...ect before they become profitable. Why not pay closer attention to the things that WILL move this pps?

    • bataction,

      For the likes of me I do not understand your position at this time...

      Are you here to make money or are you here to destroy "because this is not clear to me"?

      I am not into destruction I am here to make money and the money to be made at this point is to the up side.. Unless you are trying to obtain the absolute bottom? If so that is probably impossible with any sizeable position..

      These are my opinions but I suggest for you to:

      Time your attacks with the market and with negative PR.. Yes the market is down today so I expect to see you post but the down side is much much less then the upside. If you here to make money why don't you time your attacks when the down side has more potential and time it with the market and negative PR..

      Just some helpful suggestions..


    • When the price of oil goes down QTWW pps goes down.

      • 1 Reply to skunkthrone
      • Price for oil is relevant Alan stated that $60 a barrel is needed for them to remain viable..

        I do not think maintaining this level and higher is of much concern for any educated market participant..

        Bottom line is market indexs are sitting at support it will either break them for a short term correction or it will bounce and continue the consolidation or break it and run..

        One week till earnings fas-157 rules changes and key economic indicators are good for earnings season..

        Bears are sweating bullets hoping and praying resistance is broken that is why the negative posts are popping up more frequent they get a hard on thinking they won all ready...

        Personally I think QTWW will do earning on the 13th which puts it closer to earning season I think alcoa does earnings on the 15th..

        I think this is just a consolidation period till the next run up which should beginning early mid July..

        Just my stupid opinions as you bears seems to make a point of but lets see what happens... My faith is not shaken because I am well prepared..


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