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  • Oct 7, 2010 3:52 PM Flag

    I tell the idiot & the idiot obeys MAKE MORE SCREEN NAMES

    That's your defensive response ... and you tell me that I Yammer? Going on about, deception, some yammer about your little ID, giving yourself a little pat on the back for yammer such as:

    "I bring post reverse split YRCW to this message board at $5.03 and say buy. It moves about 10% hihger. You got a problem with that?"

    I ask you, Yammerpants, why would I have a problem with that? The only thing I have a problem with is:

    1. You giving yourself a trophy and holding your own awards banquet for making a call. Congratulations, your paying attention looking for movement and making a call ... that's great, but noone's going to mail you a check, so keep it to yourself.

    2. All this yammering of yours, you are a serious Yammerer.

    3. I tell you Im going to tea-bag you between the eyes and your response is; "present it." Wow, that's just a little wierd, sir, yes ... very wierd indeed.

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