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  • Oct 13, 2010 6:56 PM Flag

    buy IGR now

    aww, ease up tubby ... Highschool is over, you never have to see those bullies again. Yeah that girl left you, which made you sad, but she was pretty ug, so stop dwelling on it. Look on the bright side; your right hand has been loyal and true, as has your X-box and your Nissan Sentra. Thinks aren't as bad as you act like they are. In a few more years; Wendy's will surely promote you to; "Associate" -just like your degree! See!? Stop acting like such an A-whole. At first reading your posts I thought you were just a disgruntled, out of work, mid 30 Johnny do nothing who needs to vent on others, now I just feel sorry for you. Cheer up, son, there's always reality.

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