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  • cloudy_day_jane cloudy_day_jane Feb 7, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    janenose and karnut2000

    Same whiny poster as facts_are_facts_are and in_spite_of_it_all.


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    • It is of no concern to me...what you think. You will cover higvher, shorty. I will prevail in this.


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    • Your problem is similar to ibmwatcher's...same for alias_cop now relgated to Yahoo's been banned cadre of aliases. ibmwatcher and you (or if you are ibmwatcher, a compulsive and long-termed liar), you fail to demonstrate common sense. Your failure to embody logic is pathetic. If I say 1 + 1 = 2, and in basic math, of course it is. It doesn't matter if janenose, janeknows, karnut222 or whomever confirms that 1 + 1 is two. So if facts_are_facts_are echoes the same truth, therein is the logic that whomever states the truth, no problem. The problem I refer to is when ibmwatcher posts for 6 or 7 years a morphing list of aliases that tells the reader all on that list are mine. It is a lie. It's been a lie for an incredibly long time...perpetuated by the poster ibmwatcher. If you care to see this as whining, another aspect to your lack of logic will be witnessed. You can cheer on for a often as you like. I will occasionaly point out your misguided ways.

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