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  • sandyeggojake sandyeggojake Oct 2, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    $1 (pre split) holla.

    Longs know this is just the start of something. Is it the head fake that leads to the crash? Or to the start of the return to fair value? We shall see.

    But when PPS failed to take out the post R/S lows, the short covering started and is now really building but finding no shares to buy to cover. Not really expected as we enter into the start of Q4, but we'll take it.

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    • It's so easy to forget that point.. That even now we're only at $1/share pre-split, while the fundamentals of the company haven't seen such improvement in years..

      So who can really say that $20 ($5 pre-split) is out of line here?

      Give us another $9-10 million contract and I bet we'll see it faster than any of us could previously imagine..

      Btw, I know the "official" short interest doesn't seem all that high, but I wonder, with all the manipulation that has occurred with this stock if there isn't something else lurking out there that was being used to destroy the shareholder price.. Credit Default Swaps on the debt, possibly, that are now basically worthless? Naked short-selling?

      This smells like a serious short squeeze.. They tried to crash it below 3.73 this morning, and almost immediately it was back up to $3.90..

      So I'm just wondering if some folks, institutions, are short against this stock in ways that don't show up on the official statistics.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You're not a long sandyibmwatcher. As a matter of fact it was several months ago you bragged how QTWW was a short for your portfolio to some other prey you had in your sight on a different board. . Can you not keep your scams in order? lmao at least I admit shorting it.

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