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  • gregorydandm gregorydandm Nov 14, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Hey Bat

    Seriously would like your take on the current scene as per Quantum. It seems to me that we are dealing with a very different situation now as compared to the 'who' Niedszwicki era. Fisker dream over. Back to basics and what the company was really good at in the first place. Comment please.

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    • It most definitely a different situation since the deceiving duo suddenly agreed they had crossed the line a few too many times and the posse (still is) was on their tail. Problem is the same cowhands are still running the ranch.

      On the other hand though they do seem to be righting the ship and putting the focus where it should be. I'd say watch the GM deals because GM before bent Quantum over when it came to margins, specifics of deals, and it wasn't worth the paper it was scratched on when it came to shareholders. But then again, they don't
      care about shareholders.

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      • See Bat, that wasn't too hard, now was it. Almost kinda nearly said something balanced and positive about $QTWW. The cowhands who saw first hand what happens to a company when one loses focus and takes on near zero margin business just for PR sake, as it did under the old bosses.

      • nightrader Nov 15, 2013 7:00 AM Flag

        Wrong...GM didn't bend Quantum over, Niedszwicki did! He gave away the ranch every time just to get the business.

      • OK. Have the cowhands learned the error of their ways? There was a period I think, shrouded in the mists of time, when GM actually had something like a 20% stake in Quantum. This way back when you and I were swapping very different views on the future of the company and had only a mutual distrust of the ghastly Niedszwicki in common. If my failing memory serves me right, the whole GM/Quantum thing ended in tears then. Can't recall details. Cannot help but feel that , this time, Q is in better position, and operating from real strength of its modest core expertise rather than aiming for the moon - and the product seems to be both marketable and in demand.

        For me, I would rate the glass slightly more than half full.


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