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  • j.coolaid j.coolaid Jan 11, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    here are some "facts"

    that Mr.Zero hasn't a clue or chooses to ignore...Cash on hand of 1.71 per share...annual cash flow of 1.87 per share( shares at less than 4x)...debt half of "equity"(.5)...selling at less than marked book and "one times adjusted"....12.9 times "reported earnings"...Far LESS for the expected coming years earnings of perhaps $1/share...anytime Mr. Zero wants to chime in with worthwhile analysis that refutes these numbers or substantiates his crappola,,,feel free ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....and don't forget the huge numbers of insider buys.......! just the facts as they say..

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    • have you bought 100 shares yet P.C..would love to say hello to such a brilliant guy at the AGM generally held in june.....

    • good for you if you have no position 2500 shares are hardly a huge sum that will hurt much should I be wrong..Since getting back in though, I've been heading in the right direction..Funny how macro ups and downs work both ways..What brought us down in a macro way directionally earlier perhaps, seems to be going against you lately and your short recommendations...Lots of love..Tacos on sale down in your part of Mexico along with rental reels for fishing..I hear its cheap there by somebody...... And that is coming from a Traverse City hokedoe ..I'd burn my money if I had I've said before..

    • >not worth comment generally...better to speak softly and carry a big stick with dumbazzes as yourself.<

      Gee.. No need for name calling. Don't be BITTER.

      "go IOC baby..are ya gonna buy 100 so you can try to pick me out at the AGM? "

      Why would I wan to go to a ASM and attempt to "pick you out"? You seem to have the fantasy that I care?

      Why would that "burn me"? I think you have a bit of a "self importance complex", but that is just my opinion. You have made some money in the market.. So "good for you".. Congratulations!! I could tell you of the multi seven digit gains I made on Qualcomm in the late 1990's. But, really don't think that it is that important.

      You have made some money on IOC, so good for you.

      If you go through my message history, you will find I was "pounding the table" for GOLD and OIL during the meltdown, when oil was trading at $32 a barrel.

      Remember, Don't be BITTER!

    • not worth comment generally...better to speak softly and carry a big stick with dumbazzes as yourself....go IOC baby..are ya gonna buy 100 so you can try to pick me out at the AGM? nearly 10,000 shares in them, so I keep a much closer eye on em...Great to have added 5,000 between 10-12 a few years back...approaching 70 today...doesn't that just burn ya? Forgot..If I had your money, I'd burn my own...LOL....

    • i think I was pointingout the timeframe differences, and the fact the stock went fro the mid $8's to the mid$5's when you claimed you were a Long.

      Like I said..... Losers acting like winners. ..

      TC a great placeto retire?

      27 degrees outside?

    • fwiw PC,,, I only have a small 2500 share position at this time...Have far greater sums in other companies and attend the AGM's with one in particular...That would be my darling IOC..feel free to buy 100 shares and thank me later...Maybe you could even attend the AGM held in Grand Rapids, Michigan each year and try to figure out which loser I am in my gang of friends.....LOL on that..

    • I have been in and out on different occasions ...Note the timeframes between postings..Can your limited brain understand that? If I only had your brain and your big money, I'd burn my own...something tells me my wallet is far fatter than your ego..even while living his hokedoe Traverse City...please pass the Grey Poupon will ya?

    • "back to "my moniker" now...and see it's trend UP seems to be continuing"

      Interesting.. Earlier you stated....

      "I'm UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP having bought at 6.30, 7.02, 7.17 and 7.30 zones...Last I looked the stock was 7.59....I'd say i'm winning the real report card and am up...and you?"

      However, it appears your "alter ego" was LONG this stock when it was trading at $8.50 in May of last year?????

      Somethin' tells me you are actually a LOSER, but act like you pretending to be a WINNER?


    • back to "my moniker" now...and see it's trend UP seems to be continuing....albeit slowly...I'll be interested to see the latest short count when they show up....can't imagine they've changed much..positive if that comes to be the case..

    • sorry , but that last response was from my honeys moniker....hate when she gets on my computer rather than her own..

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