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  • pcstel pcstel Nov 7, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    Whoa!! What happened here?

    Someone took an ugly stick to this one. Debt going up, Growth slowing down.. Told Ja! Shorts are gonna have a field day with this one.


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    • Now, now.....

      As you are wont to say: "Don't be so bitter...."

      • 1 Reply to knox046
      • Hey knox.. Long time, no see.. Hope all is OK? Big question is. Since they claim the lost another satellite in August, and they claim that it has been replaced by a spare. But, the only problem is.... None of the spares have been raised in over a year. So how do you replace a defective satellite with a spare,when none of the spares have been raised?

        I talked to Rod Sladen about it and he is just as confused, that and the fact that one of the spare satellites appear to have gone belly up since 2010. Now they claim there are only 4 spares, but they claimed they had 7 in 2010, but they have only raised one satellite since 2010, which would leave 6, then the phantom spare that was supposedly replacing the August failure. That should still leaves 5, but now they say they only have 4.

        SpaceX Commercial Supply #2, now delayed to March 1st. They are supposed to have 10 launches in 2013, and 11 more in 2014, but they can barely get 2 launches in a year.

        Things aren't look too good...


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