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  • If you look at a stock chart, note that during the last several years the stock has had three peaks, each lower that the prior one. The same with the bottom, each lower than the prior one. This makes no sense considering how the revenues and profits have generally trended upwards. What is the problem? The problem is in the manipulation of the side of the investors holdings. The objective of the insiders appear to get as much as they can of the top. While this is not illegal, and I would not say unethical either, it turns this into a company that will not accrued benefits to the stockholders. The movement on the price of the stock shows it. The next time it makes a move toward ten dollars a share, I will get out. In the last two cycles others did that, and I held. I bought towards the bottom of the first downside, and have been holding ever since. Each time the insiders do something for the self-benefit that impacts negatively on the welfare of the rest of us. The next time it makes it upward phase, I am done with it.

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