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  • gleongelpi gleongelpi Dec 9, 2012 8:57 AM Flag

    Milking the Cow

    The market moves in cycles. One makes money by jumping in at or near a bottom and riding the wave up. One needs to pick the right stocks. All stocks do not move up with the rising tide. Some have a bad business model, others may have primarily a perception problem and others are just being milked by the insiders. Regardless of the reason, if the boat is leaky it will sink when the tide rises instead of moving up with it. If you got a good boat, it will move way up with the tide. Some boats even move up when the tide is going down. IRDM has been mvoing down even when the tide has been moving up. It is possible for a boat to get in gear late, but that seldom happens. The problem with IRDM is that the insiders are milking the cow hard; they are squeezing the ni**pples as hard as they can, and leaving nothing for the rest of us. I call this thievery. We as stockholders deserve to benefit. Insiders that squeeze all they can and even take the scraps leave no room for the average stockholder to make a profit or get a dividend. There are too many other investments out there to have one's money tide-up. However, we are at the bottom of their usually cycle. Tthe next time it runs up to 10, it is time to head for the exists.

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    • Again, this guy has no facts to prove his claim. Doubt insiders are making any money as the stock has declined - there is one (GHL) that's been taking it's money off the table in a structured plan, but bet they would have rather sold a year ago at those prices instead of being stuck in their current plan. He's all excited because an executive they let go got a one year severance - and this destroyed his shareholder value?

      Wish he'd read up about the company, talk to analysts, get informed. Instead, he's on some kind of personal vendetta against the company, repeating the same thing over and over and getting mad at anyone who disagrees with him

      By the way, I'm not happy with the current stock price either, but think the long term value proposition and overall execution has been pretty impressive.

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