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  • pcstel pcstel May 1, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    This one is going back to $5 after tomorrows CC

    Count on it! Continued decline in commercial voice ARPU and Govt. Subscribers up on low ARPU M2M. Open Port in decline. Debt probably close to 1Billion heading for 2Billion. Time to abandon ship IMO.


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    • You don't play this stock based on current commercial voice ARPU and Govt. subscribers - it is expected that these will slow down over time - this is cash flow that will decrease until NEXT is up in orbit. THat is why the stock is trading at a significant discount on every valuation metric today. Most educated investors here are expecting this existing cash flow to decrease. The trick (if you want to call it that) is to get NEXT up in orbit before IRDM runs out of $$$. If they can continue to service the debt they have and if there is no need for additional cash to get NEXT up in the air, this co. will be in great shape. Absent that, yeah, watch out...$5 will be something to wish for - it can go way lower. Risky play...

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      • not good to question what PC says Funny..He is an elitist jerkoff who puts his pants on quite differently from all the rest of society..Now ask him how his millions of GSAT shares are doing..Needs to spread his distraught with their questionable (times 10!) chances of survival to all others in the field of play..

      • Sounds like the "trick" would be to come back in 4 years and see what is happening. With 2B in debt and declining Revenues, don't see much of an incentive to "play this stock". Perhaps this is why the shorts are here? Not much of a chance of this thing getting away from you in the next 4 years with the satellites are degrading, and service is becoming more problematic.


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