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  • Below is a quote from the CEO from the April 14th press release. He says they have a goal of substantially increasing their sales over the next two years. I wonder what he believes constitutes 'substantial,' and, I wonder when we'll begin to see this improvement? I have ordered and used most of CAW products over the last few weeks and all of them work great and I experienced no problems. In one tube of plus white whitening gel there was a note that if you experience liquifying, contact the company for a refund. That tube worked with no problems so I assume that is from the new batch and the problem has been solved.

    Profitability should be improved if they have solved the plus white problem with it liquifying. Legal spending/lawsuit spending should be down as well.

    We also have the Sardar factor- at some point I would expect him to make a move publicly. I'm sure he is working behind the scenes but hasn't felt the need to pressure management in a public forum.

    If CAW mgt trusts Sardar, it would be a better company as a subsidiary to CAW where they could eliminate another layer of costs CAW has to incur to remain a public company.

    Given a stock price below 5, there seems to be little downside and upside to the 10 range.


    "We have set a goal of substantially increasing our sales over the next two years, in alignment with the objective of increasing and enhancing shareholder value,” stated Dunnan Edell, President and Chief Executive Officer. “I am very encouraged that we can accomplish our goal with our excellent financial liquidity in addition to our strong and dedicated personnel. We have also identified acquisition targets that could expedite reaching our sales target. The management and board of directors are still committed to our record of providing quarterly dividends for our shareholders,” Edell continued."

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