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  • ajg_fair_play ajg_fair_play Feb 5, 2009 12:14 AM Flag

    Time for Doug Howell to Take A Bow

    Since the arrival of Doug Howell, both the stock price and the morale at AJG has moved south. The man has had the time to show he understands his business yet AJG under performs. The only bright spot in senior management is Susan McGrath. Finally bringing the feel of a real organization to an old boys club. This management team needs to retire and let the a fresh team take over before it is entirely too late for an otherwise potentially good company.

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    • They settled. He won.

    • I don't know what the problem is. Do like me and just short this baby down to zero. That is a fair price for this piece and that is what it deserves. You just have to know how to place your bets and you can make a bundle.

    • OK, it looks like the AJG Team of Pat the Arrogant and Doug the Clueless have begun the rally that will save AJG from extinction. Up a penny today. Yeah Baby! That means in approximately two years the company will get back all its lost value in the past week. Go Team Go! I'm sure the push for customer service and personal enlightenment was recognized in the market and lead to the strong push by investors.

    • OK, Cloherty may not be the answer - but keeping Howell certainly is not. What ever happened to the law suit Cloherty brought against AJG when they tried to short change him on his severance? Was it settled?

    • That is why I retired from this company. No one knows what they are doing OK. I was in florida, what a joke OK. I left and all my clients went as well. They thought they had me on the ropes and I showed them OK. As far as I am concerned the whole management team should be replaced. all said and done this company is a joke OK.

    • Just be thankful you don't work for cbiz, you talk about a clueless company.

      their middle managers are totally out of whack. They remind me of the banker who kept telling everyone that everything was just find, now they are all out of work.

      they just keep preaching the same old ideas and expect different

    • Enlightened self interest? Only from a drone AJG employee. Give it up Dali Lama.

    • they_forgot_culture_is_key they_forgot_culture_is_key Feb 15, 2009 9:30 AM Flag

      Agree. Cloherty is not the right person and neither is Howell. Agree. There is a lot of talent remaining with the organization. Agree. No real progress will be made until there are changes to the executive team.

    • The only thing I disagree with is the Cloherty statement. He may have been good for the time, but I don't think that would be true now. I am an employee, I know there is no chance of an employee opening their mouth with constructive criticism, but I still believe there is a chance that with the right leadership this company, and many of its current employees, could create a great organization. There is real talent, real tools, but senior management is very much in the way. Enlightened self interest should be sending them out to find a fix, even though it means replacing themselves. Their long-term legacy would reflect well on them and their wallets would allow them to lick their collective wounds in real comfort.

    • The message that forced upon employess is:
      - the stock price has to remain high, or you will lose your job - the shareholders come first
      - expenses have to be cut, your benefits have to be slashed, and you have to do more with less - or you will lose your job
      - don't worry about the clients, just the perception on wall street - if the perception is bad, you will lose your job

      This is management by fear, and only aimed at pleasing stockholders. The employees and clients are a very distant second. Now that the stock has tanked, who's happy - nobody. This is exactly opposite of what Cloherty did in the glory days. Anyone care to disagree?

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