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  • longduckdong1960 longduckdong1960 Jan 12, 2012 11:56 AM Flag

    Don't get your hopes up this quarter

    Folks, don't get your hopes up for a good quarterly report. I can't tell you if it is going to be a couple pennies positive or negative. I can tell you that driving by the parking lots does not give me much of a feeling that things are turning around for the company as a whole. Electronics had some contracts roll off recently, auto is week state-side, and the PR machine can't find anything to brag about. The furniture plants that used to have full parking lots are still sparse and many Fridays they are empty. Rumor mill has that a couple contracts of size have been inked, but if history is an indicator they probably bought the jobs to make the backlog look good and the income statement will get hit hard "due to pricing pressure and input cost increases." Get a new excuse. Time to be honest and Jim say "we can't sell the product for what it costs us to make it because we are inefficient and have bloated corporate egos to feed. Big Jim needs the money and he and the rest of the croanies only have a couple years left to suck the company dry before retirement. Then we hire a crew of people who don't know how to build and sell furniture or electronics. We let those people go a couple years ago because some bean counters in the G.O. said they were to hard to change and too old. Let's move to Asia, Poland, Mexico and really make poor decisions and over-manage them from Jasper. Then we will con designers and purchasing agents to buy products that we can't deliver on time and blame it on the supply chain. All this we will do as we are ready to head into a really bad economic time and we react way too late and burn up our safety net of cash. No worries! Obama has our best interest in mind. Not to mention a congress that doesn't even know what they believe until they find out what the other side believes and they will take the opposite stance.........Oh crap folks, your stock is going to be worthless in several years and we are on a path of destruction. I better write me a bonus check while the bank will still cash it." Poor Jim. This is a pathetic story I created but it is more truth than you have been sharing the last 15 years.

    I hope I am wrong, but will I ???????????

    Am I bitter? NO Am I disappointed? YES

    This used to be a great company for the community and we all rallied around them. Then they lost focus and gave up on those who brought them to the table. This is not the company Arnie and friends created and put their lives into making.

    Time for me to take a Prozac.

    The Dong