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  • runnerlongdistance Mar 4, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    Piano Maker trying to make Furniture trying to make Electronics

    The Kimball experiment is dying. Kimball who was a renowned Piano maker dropped pianos and their heritage to make furniture. They then spread out into Electronics and have done a poor job at both. Delivery problems and quality has always plagued the company for furniture but has been the Achilles Heal for the electronics. A sign the company is in over it's head.

    The family which runs the company has made the business a windfall for family members. In doing so they have lost sight of a congruent focus. Their magic with their books has made the company look OK for a while but the magic is beginning to wear off. One example is their prized wood forest they sold for cash. In doing so it propped up their profit margin and helped pay the salaries of the families.

    It shows a loss of loyalty to who they are but a larger loyalty to the dollar. Another example of their loss of loyalty to who they are is when they sold the last Piano they ever made. It was the pride and joy of their show room...but they sold it for cash! If that doesn't ring alarm bells I don't know what would.

    As they struggle, the moral is at an all time low. Anyone who has an opinion is let go all to protect the all mighty dollar flowing to the family. The people running the show are clueless as family is thicker then good business sense. Layoffs continue as they have for years out of sheer need to keep the bottom line looking as good as it can.

    This company is in a tail spin.

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    • No basis for these comments.

    • When you have officers like Douglas Habig selling almost half their shares in the company, you know it's time to run.

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    • I agree that kimball has been on a downward fall for the last 10 years or so. Actually that fact is pretty obvious when you look at the top line declining but the bottom line still looks good because they cut expenses to the bone. And the fact that Kimball rents out it's corporate offices to masterbrand cabinets. But they have not made pianos for like 20 years so you are not reporting anything new there. I am thinking it was a good idea to stop making pianos. I don't know anyone who buys new pianos these days. Problem is people are not buying new office furniture these days either.

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      • tadesonlister Mar 6, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

        I don't agree with why they quit making pianos. The logic is the market for pianos changed. Many people moved into electronic pianos.

        Kimball was not an average piano maker. Kimball was a leader in the market with world renowned pianos. If ANYONE was poised to make piano's Kimball was. As different high payed family members took over, there was no loyalty to pianos nor a good business model. Instead, knowing they could not do the electronic pianos with success, high paid family compensation and a gleam in their eye to higher profitability furniture.

        So they left behind their heritage as a world leader in Piano's to chaise the dollar. Their move into furniture has lead to some designs which are.....not manly lets just say. Their quality has been mediocre laced with problems. In chasing the dollar they branched into electronics which is something they already admitted not knowing anything about. That's why they dropped the pianos.

        heir success in electronics has been a disaster; for good reason. Their are not chasing a successful product; heritage, they are chasing the almighty dollar to line their pockets. Their loyalty is in plain view when a previous poster mentioned that they sold the last piano they ever made for cash! What a glaring example of a company who has lost who they are.

        Now the working class is stripped to the bone, rumors of every type plague the workplace and moral is at an all time low. This company has become the devil. They have squandered everything they were good at to chaise the dollar and it is about to bury them.

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    • They could shed a few family members from the payroll and help the company. Dead weight on the CM side.

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      • I worked for Kimball for a long time. I did not like the ethics of many things they did. Oh on the surface they look upstanding but it is all smoke and mirrors.

        I was fired without reason. The real reason was I have a disability which is making it difficult to physically do my job. They gave me a non -reason to let me go and could not even look me in the eyes.

        The real reason is they wanted me off their insurance. Since I was fired it made disability not an option.

        All while I observed things over the years I smiled, stayed out of, and kept my mouth shut.

        No more! They have lost my loyalty and the more I talk, the more I find that they have gotten rid of many people when health issues became serious; it is their MO.

        Yes, when other things come up, which are things I know they did, I WILL be a sounding board. My loyalty to the KINGDOM is long gone!

        I am even upset at myself for not standing up to all the things this company did in the past and turning a blind eye to them.

        With the green, the inner circle, the creative bookkeeping by even middle managers, and the smoke and mirrors they do to keep their following.....Their Kingdom is set to fall.

        This company is setting itself up for a financial fall and even for events even worse by their own accord. They have no idea how bad they have set themselves up for incompetence because greed has blinded them.

        AND NO, as others have said, they have ZERO loyalty to customers, product or their past. The only Loyalty Kimball has is to the almighty dollar and the inner circle!

        As far as electronics, they are LOST!

        Kimball is DOOMED to fail! BIG.

        If you don't like facts, too bad!

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      • Great EMS sales and operations management with family at the rudder! Watch out for the rocks, damn the help, famliy to the rafts. Where is the BOD, or is that all family too?