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  • sonsofliberty Apr 9, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Speeking of Family hording money

    Speaking of Habig, as a previous poster has said has sold almost half his shares in his own company over the last year or so.

    Other family members I am familiar with who are in on the golden goose egg such as the Vonderheide's are some of the most slimy backward greedy people I have ever met. They are not only as incompetent as they come but slimy in business. I wouldn't let these people watch my dog for the afternoon.

    I am not sure how the company has made it this long with a family of inside raiders.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Alot of disinformation here - the poster is either short, or has some vendetta going against this family or the company.

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      • They are very greedy people and treat the local people not so well from what I have heard.

      • Sounds like you are famly Chris.

      • spare.18wheelandaspare May 1, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

        This company holds people in a bubble. It has always treated people poorley and drops them when they don't play ball. By playing ball I mean go along with the corruption. It is not vissible to outsiders.

        The threats within the company liken themself to Benghazi and a cover up.

        People who see the company's future in mind and not the well being of the "Golden Group" as we call them are swiftly shown the back door. There is quiet talk in the company not said outloud about the corruption and people running the show who are completely clueless; COMPLETELY!

        What they do not understand is once people are gone gone, they can no longer hold one in contempt for discussion of the companies failings. There are many people who would gladly TESTIFY in a court of LAW to the incompetence and greed of this group. The company sets themself up for this and the employee discource is widely known.

        What is well known is the company is not out for the bottom line of the share holders; this company is out for the bottom line of the "Golden Group" which is WHY they have no loyalty to ANY product. They would drop what they do and make tampons if they thought it would make them one cent more wealthy.

        That kind of loyalty shows itself over time and has. It is why they have had such a hard time with electronic production, quality and time schedules; it's not what they have done and they don't know what they are doing!

        They are out of their league and anyone who purchases this stock for the long run is out of your mind.

        Extremely volital for the short term however. Fun to play!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell