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  • brandmasterking brandmasterking Nov 15, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    Faruqi Faruqi LLP Launches An Investigation Against Kimball International Inc

    Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Launches An Investigation Against Kimball International, Inc.

    Just more fraud by Kimball. I cannot post the link so you will have to google it.

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    • I worked for Kimball and it is a company with serious issues. I was with my boss in Kansas City one time. When we were together he said "That's something you don't see every day!". I looked around without a clue of what he was talking about. He then said "It's not every day you see a black man in" our profession. He then said, "Blacks have no place ......". I was stunned. As we went through college in Southern Illinois it was common for the minorities to be taken out of line and given internships above everyone else. This annoyed some because it was simply not fair for those who had worked hard to get to where they were. This was not that annoyance; this was pure racism. I regret never saying anything because I was so taken aback by what was said I really did not expect it nor did I understand how to respond.

      But Kimball is a place where you cannot say anything about anything. You smile and go along with the program. To do otherwise is not being a teem player. My boss was as they say a "Charming Idiot". People in management loved him although he was arrogant and is completely lost in some issues. I brought up a serious safety which was also a legal issue and was told to keep my mouth shut. I even demonstrated the problem. I was told I was wrong and was eventually fired for bringing it forward and not being a teem player.

      Never allowed to discuss things, problems, safety and legal issues. I was consistently told I did not know what I was talking about and I was not being a teem player. No issue I had was I ever allowed to enter into a real discussion.

      WHEN someone gets hurt or killed in this field, albeit a Kimball employee or a customer, I WILL be the lead witness for the prosecution!

      Kimball is backward and lost in what they do. With this kind of leadership, they will never do anything but tread water until something slits their throat!

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    • It has always amazed me the extent that short sellers will lie about a stock to gain a few pennies. Downright pathetic!


    • I research my companies before purchase. I research things like "kimball international" violation incompetent to find out the real scoop about a company. You find out the companies which are losing it and Kimball is losing it.

      This insider corruption is beyond ok.

      The market is a big bubble right now and Kimball is at the top.

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    • like I said last week...going to 15 in a hurry.

    • You're an idiot. KBALB is going back to 15 in a hurry.

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      • LOL, isn't that funny! Guy comes in calling people idiot because they are not joining in the band wagon going off the cliff!! LOL

        Can you say stock market bubble? To hard for someone of low intelligence eh! Great for the day trader!

        Stocks like Kimball ballooning from the stock market bubble when their company has been poorly run is a fools errand.

        There have been plenty of markers to avoid Kimball. How about selling their prized forest to keep the family executives paid while the company was bleeding and laying off good people like nothing.

        How about selling the last piano they ever made because they needed the cash.

        How about a company divided between furniture and electronics that has problems in both segments and does neither well!

        This stock may go to the moon but when QE ends, WATCH OUT! I would say it most certainly would go under $4!!

        RUN RUN RUN....I personally do not follow the blind on a band wagon going off a cliff!

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    • There is a lot you can tell about a company by doing a search. When I invest I search the company name and things like:


      You learn a lot about a company from people who have severed ties. You find some pretty telling stuff about a company. I found that Kimball has been dropped by over a 100 mutual funds which in of itself is very telling about the truth behind the numbers.

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