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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Apr 16, 2009 8:44 PM Flag

    Staggeringlosses, drowning in debt

    How long can they survive? Even if they have a great technology, if you run out of money, you are done.

    These guys balance sheet makes GM look almost good by comparison. How are they going to service their debt? Anybody?

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    • Having people like Madoff or Kreiler, don't help much.

    • I think that Bush did some things that I disagree with but then Obama doubled the deficit in less than 100 days. Yes I disagree with Bush on the first giveaway but as I recall it was Pelosis 800 billion giveaway that Obama was pushing. Im not unhappy with what President Bush did until the last year of his term but then he had Pelosis congress and the press to fight him every inch of the way and according to them he could do nothing right. The Iraq war was money well spent if they follow through with supporting them. TIme will tell how this current occupant of the white house will do but his socialist/Marxist ways scare me. Let me know in 3 years how many freedoms we have lost in this country.

    • Hey todo,

      Wasn't that Chairman Bush who pushed for the $700 BILLION to bail out Wall Street and then forgot to track how the money was spent? And didn't Chairman Bush push through a Republican Congress a prescription drug benefit for seniors with no way to pay for it? And I thought it was Chairman Bush who spent a TRILLION dollars on our Iraq adventure while not including any of the expense in the official federal budget. And didn't the same Chairman double the federal deficit in his two terms?

      I'm curious why you teabaggers suddenly got religion after the eight years of George Bush.

    • THere is no comparison between this shell game/scam and General Motors. Actually GM produces a product, though they dont make a profit at least they do make and sell things. Now as part owner of GM I think it is time for a reorganization bankrupsy so that they can get back in business and make a profit to pay us back. Sorry I didnt help as I just bought 2 new cars from FORD as not only have I never had a problem with one, they didnt take our money and dont have to produce Obamamobiles.

    • THey sound more like the demosocialists to me. Republicans wouldnt back this scam and shell game for sure. Actually I am a gun toting redneck that believes that the Federal governement has gone way over the line spending our money on useless stuff. From what I saw this last week it is nice to see that I am not alone. Actually Chairman dearleader Comrade Obama is not all to blame as Nazi Pelosi is the power behind the throne.

    • I know how we get a red neck, remember I'm an Agronomist Ing. So I work out side too.

      But you now what i meant. Keep up the good work. You can take more time and study some more. Your brain wont fried out.

    • Hey Pura, you know you get a red neck from working hard outside. Thats the people who do your yard work. You know, you really should have respect for the people who make your life of leisure so full of. . . . leisure. I bet "investing" old family money is exhausting. Who has time to do research?

    • Sorry, Rednecks can't use computers, right?

    • You must be a Republican, right? And Bush was the best president ever, right.

      Are you one of those called Redneck?

    • Well, You buy more shares and then just like Obama, he will make more shares. Obama, he will not be paying debt down. He will give it to his buddies. You think KK and Obama are related. They sure think the same. EOM

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