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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine May 8, 2009 5:10 PM Flag

    volume precedes price

    Learn to listen son.

    GERS, repeat after me, SELL at 1 cent, do not BUY at 1 cent!


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    • I think this company is positioning itself perfectly for $70 to $80 per barrel oil. Biofuels make sense around that range. Take a look at GU, and what it has done in the last month or so.

      The play on this stock is the future of the dollar. Will the dollar remain strong or grow weak, as we increase the deficit. If the dollar decreases in value, then we are looking at sky rocketing oil prices, back in the $100 plus range - possibly higher - if you're a Peter Shiff believer. I think both Nat Gas and alternative fuels (bio fuels) will be a huge play in the years ahead.

      One of the things this company brings to the table, and smart to do so, is their patents. If they own the patents, they own the right to distribute this type of equipment, without any competition. When they sell their 1st $6 Million dollar machine, this stock will go thru the roof. ADM and BUNGE and others will be forced to buy their technologies, not to mention cmopanies like Gushan and other foreign Bio fuels producers.

      I think a 100,000 share investment will pay off nicely for those who are patient. Otherwise, trade away and have fun with this one in the meantime.

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