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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Oct 14, 2009 9:50 PM Flag

    this stock was worth0.40 2-3 years ago!what happen?

    Allow me to correct you.

    This stock was never worth .40 per share. Granted, it may have sold for that.

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    • april 2006;12.75$ yes 12.75$ wtf happen?

    • As I recall the RS price was about a quarter and it went down from there.

    • There's alot of info out there, one site gives the most you can get doing a one stop search is...
      Click on the guy with the glasses face to the right for the most recent updates. If you search the web, you'll find alot of little articles that will all have the same info as this blog site does. Of course do more research then that. But I personally think looking to this board for the sole info is a big mistake. I had planned to hold this long, and I have, but reading the bashers who are on here will add age to you. I think they bought the stock when it was much higher, and lost on it. I didn't myself. I bought it at these levels, but there is profit to be made here. I personally believe if anyone is interested in holding this stock for a year, they will be doing allright. But if you look at previous bashing posts on here, they are strongly based on the character of the CEO and his private life. People get into details like his brother being drunk in an ethanol parking lot, to his wife's love of cats, to all this totally irrelevant stuff. I personally have never seen anything like it. I like the flood of posts I have seen from people who just got into this stock, and not the same mundane bashing. The major fact is, that this company got involved in many aspects of the corn oil extraction business and when commodities bottomed they did too. If you see a glbal turn around in commodities, a US policy change in direction in where it gets it's energy and it's willingness to invest to create jobs in new technolgies at home, then a company like GERS, with real patents, real employess, real office locations, and COES that you can go and see, like the one in Riga, which I have seen, then you will know this is not a scam. This company is not in a pitching stage, trying to induce investment. They are doing, although investment, that fell thru like when GE Financial's credit froze up, would put this stock back in the .10 range before production gets started. These COES don't take forever to build. They are piggy back system that is built on the exterior of a pre existing Ethanol extraction plant. In fact they can be built really quick. So credit before construction, I say .08 to .10, after construction this could go to .30, and proffiting, dollar range easy. That's the story. If you want to know about the CEO's mom ask Todu the resident GERS Basher. He spends more time on here bashing GERS then GERS spends putting up COES.

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