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  • birdman19861 birdman19861 Oct 22, 2009 9:26 AM Flag

    Who is always right and who is always wrong ?

    u were wrong... your the bagholder... u bought high and still holding! lol so hard.... and cant take your losse and move on... btw.. .I am up and loving it!

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    • What difference does it make as to where we bought in.. The game is the same with the same management. We were just sucked in earlier and paid the price. Newbies here will be the losers along with the rest of us in time. I do think this company has possiblities but not under this management. This is all a game to him and a darn good ATM. He doenst have to produce anything to make him money. This could turn around if kevin can get someone to finance this. How about selling us to a management team that would be able to get financing and put this technology to good use. This still has the stigma of being a Kreisler company and none of them have ever made a profit that I have been able to see.

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