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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Nov 2, 2009 12:28 PM Flag

    Investing involves risk-

    Downside limited...that is true, but it looks like you are going to be out $5,000.00 more when it is all said and done.

    Maybe that is not a lot of money to you, hope not, but isn't that on top of what you are already down? Why would you have bought so many shares of a company with a 95% chance of bankruptcy? Really a bad risk-to-reward ratio it seems.

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    • JJ, JJ, JJ tisk, tisk

      Do we really have to go back and look how many times the Bashers have said this company would go bankrupt over the last couple years JJ?? What or Where did you pull the 95% out of?

      Obviously if a company had a 95% chance of going bankrupt everyday over the last 3 years that I have been reading that, they would have done so long ago.

      Your figure suggests that over the last 1000 days they should have gone bankrupt 950 times (95 x 10). This proves mathamatically that you are wrong since they have never even gone bankrupt even once.

      Classical scientific observation therory therefore concludes that they have a zero chance of going bankrupt and you are a frustrated OTL.

      Out of respect for your womenhood (real or otherwise), I shall restrain myself from my traditional EXTENDED laugh of distain.


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