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  • slashnuts slashnuts Jan 22, 2010 4:23 PM Flag

    ESYR Up 77%...Somethings Up?

    Wonder what's up? GERS is Next!!

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    • Go GERS!!!

    • I bet we see action with the money soon. Ethanol plant/Corn oil extraction systems?

    • It could be they are making moves on the two COES in Lakota, Iowa. Financing them for Global Ethanol. They could be ready to buy a distressed ethanol plant and word leaked out.

    • Is ESYR financing the Iowa COES?

    • "The License calls for the payment of royalties to GreenShift equal to 10% of EcoSystem's pre-tax net income"....."10 % of pre-tax net income", THERE IS NO INCOME ! , NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE!....Things are so bad this CEO is making deals with himself and he still can't make a penny.....What a Scam !

    • EcoSystem Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ESYM) today announced its execution of an Early Adopter License Agreement (the "License") with GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GERS) for GreenShift’s Cellulosic Corn™ technologies.

      The License calls for the payment of royalties to GreenShift equal to 10% of EcoSystem's pre-tax net income deriving from the use of GreenShift’s feedstock conditioning, lipid production technologies, and carbon dioxide reformation technologies. GreenShift’s patent-pending corn oil extraction technologies are excluded from the License. The License additionally calls for EcoSystem to sell all algal and other microbial lipids that EcoSystem produces but does not directly refine into biofuel to GreenShift at 60% of the price of diesel fuel at the time of shipment.

      The corn ethanol industry contributed over $65 billion to the GDP by offsetting 7% of America's fossil fuel needs in 2008. EcoSystem intends to prove that corn has much more to add by developing and using new technologies to increase yield, decrease cost and diversify risk. EcoSystem’s ambition is to acquire and upgrade traditional corn ethanol plants with Cellulosic Corn™ technology and demonstrate the path to revitalization of the ethanol industry.

      EcoSystem’s portfolio of patented and patent-pending Cellulosic Corn™ technologies are designed to achieve the following key goals:

      Increase the net energy balance of biofuel derived from corn;
      Increase profitability of corn ethanol;
      Decrease amount of petroleum burned to make corn derived biofuel;
      Increase the nutritional content of corn ethanol co-products;
      Reduce, reuse and recycle the carbon emissions of corn ethanol production;
      Diversify the biomass mix accepted and produced by traditional corn ethanol facilities;
      Decrease the commodity and financial risk profile of corn ethanol;
      Standardize corn-friendly cellulosic technology by building on the existing corn ethanol complex; and,
      Enhance the competitive positioning of corn ethanol in the domestic and global markets.
      EcoSystem is entitled under the License to use Cellulosic Corn™ technology on a royalty-free basis in its first 100 million gallons per year of corn ethanol production facility (if successfully acquired).

      “GreenShift has developed a number of technologies that need access to resources for commercialization support,” said David Winsness, GreenShift’s Chief Technology Officer. “While we have no intention of committing focus or capital to anything but the commercialization requirements of our patent-pending corn oil extraction technologies, our other technologies have the potential to deliver value to the corn ethanol industry for the mutual benefit of our ethanol partners and our shareholders. The License with EcoSystem can allow this to occur.”

      About EcoSystem Corporation

      EcoSystem’s ambition is to become a leading low cost and low carbon producer of renewable fuels by acquiring and upgrading existing corn ethanol facilities with technologies designed to increase the yield and to reduce the energy and carbon intensity of refining fuel out of corn.

    • not sure what it might mean, but I wonder if there is any related positive aspects for GERS. I mean, after all, it appears they still share the same office and that they have a licensing agreement with GERS.

      Might be interesting to see what happens next week, or maybe nothing will become of it that has any positive impact on GERS

    • Those who know are not saying.

      They are buying.

      • 3 Replies to colonelocorn
      • Let me figure this out, if one bought 100k shares at .004 ( and some paid more)which was where it was after they announced the investment last fall would be $400. the loss down to the RS level of .00075 or $325 leaving a balance post rs of 100 shares totalling $75 then immediatly drop to .08 from .75 or a loss of .68 x 100 shares which would as I figure it a balance of $7 or a loss of $393 in a very short time. Oh yes this was a great day but how long would it take to break even at the $400 original invesment?

      • We are going to be rich WHOOPEE!!! IF you believe that crap that Kevin and friends are spreading they you deserve to lose your money. For those that did buy months ago when the announcement of the millions to be invested and bought at about a half penny or so really got screwed. But then that half penny went down to about .00075 but then the rs happened and you and I had our shares cut by 1000 but the value per share jumped by 1000 and then almost immediatly dropped to 8 pennies or so and then we have ONE day on the upside all the way to 15 pennies. So where do we go from here? We are still a long way to a break even point that the rs and not sure my calcualtor can figure out how much we have lost from that .004 point of the investment announcement that suckered in new people.

      • THose who know are taking your money and running with it.

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