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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine May 12, 2010 11:17 AM Flag

    Might want to ask yourself why...

    All of these companies would "infringe" on Greenscam patents. Are they all simply crooked unethical people? Or do they know that they will win if indeed any of these probably phony lawsuits ever come to the Courtroom.

    Anyone who has not figured out that the reason for this latest "news" is to sucker in the next batch of bagholders should probably just put your money in a Savings account, or better yet, buy Silver or Gold bars and bury them in your backyard.

    Next big announcement will probably be a 1-500 reverse split.

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    • although I agree about the RS coming, probably in about a year as they need to do something to get the capital structure on a more sound footing.

      As for why these producers infringed on Greenshifts patents? I think most were sold a bill of goods by a third party and bought it hook, line and sinker. I am not an engineer but basically I think that there is probably only one profitable way to get the corn oil out of the DDGS and most have a system but is is not very profitable (i.e. Marquis), I think once they all see some of these producers statr to capitulate they will all start. Marquis did it before they were sued. It will only take one or two more before the domino's start to fall. Once they become cash flow positive and the stock starts to move up....then the RS will come into play. 20-30 Billion shares is unmanageable for any company.Oh and thanks for calling me a bagholder? I currently have 30,000,000 shares and have all of my money back out, I also have a recurring buy order in for 15,000,000 shares at .0001 but it has yet to be filled. Do you own any shares? I would guess not as you would not be calling yourself a bagholder would you? LOL


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