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  • frozenfood55 frozenfood55 Jan 5, 2012 8:07 PM Flag

    Hey pumpers....


    You know who you are. do you inbreeds realize how stupid you are posting up to 15 poss per hour onmessage boards all over the net? People just laugh at ths fraud. Do you think spam has ANY positive effect? Clue: NO!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I was gone when the RS happened but as I recall it started at a dime and did go upto about 13.5 cents for a day or so but dropped back below the 10 cent mark and hasnt been up there since. It did get up to 9 cents but most has been in the 7-8 penny area. OF course when the next quarterly come out in 3 -4 months it will jump like crazy and might even go above a dime. It is a shame that with the potential and increased income that it isnt at least a quarter by now. I sometimes think they are intentionally keeping this down as the lower it goes and it is well below the pre rs price( about 30%) that they, whoever they is, can stockpile this at a cheaper price. Again it wouldnt surprise me to see a bankrupsy and then as creditors, get the company out of bankrupsy reorganization and go private using our money to have financed this for them. IT wouldnt be the first time that has happened. The other option is dilution again to issue billions more shares but maybe most here have already caught on to their scheme so the first option might be better.

    • One of you idiot bashers needs to act as "pumpers" since it is 99% bashing on this goofy board. It kind of makes all your complaining about pumpers a lie on the face of it. That kind of makes the rest of what you say a lie as well.

      I know, I know, you are overworked now trying to pretend you are 15 bashers and now I want you to pretend you are a pumper too.

      Of, course, you could just post unbiased information about the stock, good and bad, with links. Oops that would mean honest work and having to know something about the stock. I am guessing that is not it the cards.

      Sad, Pathetic

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      • It seems that if bashers outnumber pimps by far that sort of shows that people are not satisfied with the results of managment. If it were the other way around and it looked like people were happy with their investment here there would be little or no bashing. It is all a reflection on management and how the company is progressing. I think people want to be happy with where they put their money and love to brag about how well their investment is doing. I see none of that here. The only pimps I see are bashing bashers and not really saying anything good about the company. Can you imagine if it was profitable for shareholders or even close what a difference it would make in attitude here? It is just human nature.

      • Hey, I have an Idea, Why dont you start the ball rolling by posting links to all the positive things that this company has done for investors!
        Too funny, Another pumping loser.

      • Funny but I havent seen any pumping here lately as the pimps seem to have dropped out of sight, but then who could blame them. I think they have been embarassed enough with managements handling of things. We have 1/1000 of the shares we had and they are not worth what they were at RS. Suppose it is because there is nothing going on plus the pps has dropped since the last RS? There really has been not much of anything going on this message board for some time. All we need to know is what the PPS is as nothing else matters. I still wonder if the RS was just a way of reducing the number of investors here by basicly shoving them out of the market. Kevin already has the money so by reducing the number of shares drasticly, many have very few shares left which sort of leaves them out in the cold. Fewer shares, fewer shareholders to vote at the next Shareholders meeting LOLOLOL. Oh well dont pee in my boots and tell me its raining. What goes around eventually comes back and KEvin will at some point get his. You want unbiased informations, just read the PPS and see how many shares you have left so what is left to say. Have a great weekend.

      • Are you VG? From ICM?

        For seven years, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey posted on the Yahoo Finance board about his company and its competitors while pretending to be someone else. By trashing rival Wild Oats, Wild Oats' stock price could drop and he could buy them out for less money.

        PS I-Hub has standards that compels insiders and professionals to identify themselves when they post. Yahoo does not. You see these bashers post here but not there. Coincidence?

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