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  • vlahosa2000 vlahosa2000 Feb 13, 2008 7:10 PM Flag


    Linda, maybe wynn macau numbers where o.k. Only because the amax did not start until the middle of december.
    once the amax started then wynn high rollers fell off.
    that maybe why wynn number was not as good as everyone thought they would be. There must have been a reason why they did not want to talk about it.
    so crown numbers should be good (4q), but even better next (1q).
    your thoughts!
    thank you.

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    • I do not think that our 4Q number will be good. Becuase A-Max deal is only good for 15 days, and HK$16 billion rolling chip will help, but not enough for MPEL to make a lot of money. I will be very happy, if we can see US$5 million income about 1 cent per share profit.

      However, I am focusing on 1Q, 2008 outlook. All the news and notes are telling us that we have increase market share, #1 in rolling chip, potential to grow in March (may be waiting for hotel rooms to convert into VIP gambling rooms), US$102 million casino revenue in first 15 days of Jan., US$51 million casino revenue in first 10 days of Feb., and an above average win hold percentage (over 3%) in Jan. All are good news.

      If Ho decides to F@@@ this report by telling me any more bad news, I will walk away on this stock.

    • Did you look @ the WYNN Macau/VIP results-?
      WYNN beat the eps estimate by $.04 and revenue by 2.7%

      spectacular-and they were then taken to the woodshed

      MPEL can only hope for this type of growth and we all hope we don't get the same treatment after the CC

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      • wynn and lvs I believe were down not based on macau but rather an expectation of a slowing las vegas market...this stock has nothing to do with las vegas and therefore should really not have been down more than five cents in my opinion and that would be based on the sector not the stock and its potential and reflection of its country's economy.

    • you are absolutely right that there was only two weeks with a max running at the crown in both wynn and lvs's earnings.
      lvs admitted that they were hurt by crown and succumbed to paying commissions and according to addelson he was the last to hold out so wynn agreed to higher commissions before addelson did...which would mean we hit wynn too in january as addelson said we hit them in january. I am not saying that our numbers and revenues will not be up I am saying we are not trading according to all the information that is coming out of macau and it is all positive...we are blacklisted in my opinion... if we cannot move after cc on positive news as we are not tied to us economy I think it is time for me to get out of the stock. I will have held for over a year and there are other places to put the money where I would not feel like we are blacklisted. That means that after their earnings if the analysts do not reiterate or inititate a buy there is no reason to stay in this stock long term.

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