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  • arlo301 arlo301 Aug 6, 2010 12:24 PM Flag

    No limits to MPEL's growth. Really ?

    I agree that they have potential but unless they stop spending like drunken sailers and get their costs in-line and start making profits, this stock will go no where.

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    • existing loan covenants prevent Meltco from doing any type of expansion growth, so shareholder in this "pure play" can forget about keeping pace with the competition.

      the ONLY hope for Meltco is to define itself in some unique way that will allow it to survive once WYNN, SCL, Galaxy, MGM, and now SJM have completed their cotai projects. in other words, Meltco will face increased competition in 2011 with Galaxy & SCL, then probably 2014 with WYNN, then possibly 2015 for SJM, then even more when MGM builds. each year forward the competition will become more intense and larry has absolutely no plan except to hope some drunken fools stop by his place AFTER they have spend most of their time & money elsewhere.

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