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  • pssupmgr1 pssupmgr1 Dec 22, 2004 11:07 AM Flag

    Doesn't Make Much Sense to me...

    Why anyone would pay over a premium of approx. 15% for this stock (9.00 + 1.35 = 10.35. You can bet that some of the shares that are being sold at a profit of some 3.95 a share are from insiders, longs, etc. Maybe even some Cuban shares.

    Additionally, if Cuban attaches his name to this company, as he did, does it really constitute a 10% immediate gain from yesterdays close?

    I think not. But I am watching my short very carefully. I won't get caught on this one.

    Hey, great trade to all you longs and watch the cover for all you shorts.


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    • I think not. But I am watching my short very carefully. I won't get caught on this one.
      You already did

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      • Lends credibility and cash. 60% threshhold on VOD data should really catapult our stock. I think PR said that should come in the first or second quarter of 2005. In the meantime, with no debt, oodles of cash, our one-of-a-kind data base, billions being added to tv advertising budgets, digital "everything" on the horizen, shorts on board, 9mil float, it doesn't get much better. Our neighborhood is infested but even that should increase the price of our stock. Happy holidays all you pre/post Berger boys and girls.

      • I shorted at 13.67 (1000 shares and covered at 12.70 Just now. A quick extra grand at Chrismas was needed.

        I wish you the same luck that I just had.

        I always short, sell or buy pre-market in order to get the plays. It works good enough for me. I average about 950 a day (granted that includes my losses as well.

        Good luck to all.


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