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  • brownmark brownmark Apr 21, 2005 2:40 PM Flag

    Recurve, chmiss, garcrash

    I was wondering with the insiders mass selling and the stock price in a steep downtrend - what any of you have to say now.

    It doesn't seem to be a good situation.

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    • Hey Brownie, what happened to you over the years. I remember meeting you years ago, you seemed to be a guy with a lof of fire under his ass. You got complacent and didn't pay much attention to this stock. I remmber you as the guy, who wouldn't stand for this.

      Do you and your brother still own a ton of it? You must have sold some off? Otherwise the fire is lit again! Not?

    • ouch - I'm not short and not trying to create problems, - I've been holding this stock since 1998 and was a part of the 13d group and was mistaken or didn't notice that Paul has two different listing on yahoo.

      But thanks for everyones help - HA ha


    • Dutch:

      Did not intend to get surly but most of us old timers are a bit frustrated. I believe everyone would be ok if not for the insiders� action. I will stick my neck out and say that 4/27 will be the low day and that will be that. While I wait patiently for final �05 earnings, I still do expect that our gravy will be in front of us. I believe there are many positive things happening, but we all lack the clarity that we desire. Here�s to the longs (there aren�t any shorts). We are all just a bit tired (where have I heard that before). Those who fortuitously exited have a fine opportunity to redeem themselves (and profit) at this level.

      p.s. did I mention that there are buyers at ubs, nw nutbags who aspire to become bowhunters, mw real estate magnates, and the international society of youngsters retiring early? It�s an inside joke for the rest of the board.


      pps. Dutch: how did you know my real name was mark?

    • Wow, how this board changes.. You go away for a little while, a new dog picks on Recuerve and BAM.. everybody defends the leader of this board.. Hmm. Yes, recuerve you are right..If everybody just looked at the fillings, than non of this would be discussed. Okay, so I think the stock is done selling this low.. My buddy Mark, will come in and focus his attention on us, as soon as the season is over (and yes, it looks bleak for Dallas).. I think at this price, he starts to accumulate more than his little 6%... I look forward to the filing where he owns more than 10%...

    • Mark, I thought you sold out a long time ago. I am surprised you are still around. Well, I can't tell you anything, other than I am pissed that so many people incl. Gagnon are selling while I am buying. Like usual, I am sitting here holding the bag. It is good to know, that I still have some company, recurve and garcrash. While I do understand the reasons PR was selling some of his holdings it makes it hard to believe the reward is around the corner.

      Greed is my worst enemy. But, I still have hope.

    • i don't consider pauls 48000 or the boards apx 20000 share sales a MASS SELLING. am i happy about it? NO!! i've had issues with paul and the board for a couple years now, so i don't understand the "what do you have to say now" line. i've said for several years now that pr is overpaid in money and options. ask chmiss what he thinks, he's the one who thinks paul walks on water.

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