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  • garcrash garcrash Jul 25, 2005 8:59 PM Flag

    oink, oink, oink

    i sense that some of you shareholders are finally getting the picture. PAUL cares only about PAUL!!!! PAUL comes first and who cares about the rest; right PAUL? here we have a company that struggles to make a profit and struggles to increase revenues, and here we have a ceo who wants to line his pocket with stock options, instead of buying the stock like the rest of us. eliminate the risk, right PAUL? if the stock goes up, PAUL makes a bundle and the shareholders also make money. if the stock goes down,PAUL doesn't lose a dime, but we shareholders take a bath. quite a comfortable position you've created for youself,PAUL. too bad the rest of us common folk can't get that kind of guarantee. tell me PAUL, did you think up this scheme up all by yourself or did you call the pizza boy for some advice???? its a shame that we common folk evidently have more faith in the company than you do!!! now if the company was making real money( over a dollar per share) maybe we shareholders would consider rewarding you for a job well done! but let's look at the facts. no increase in revenues for at least the last two years and minimal increases in profits over that same time frame. does that sound like you are doing a great job? NO!!!!!!!! it sounds like you are doing an o.k. job in which you and your management team are being extremely well paid. show us the money,PAUL and than MAYBE you will be rewarded for your efforts. i am tired of your promises PAUL, and am in no mood to allow you to PIGOUT at my expense. to tell you the truth PAUL, at this point in time i'm not even sure you are the right man to lead us in the future. your position was suppose to be a temporary one(until we found the right man with the right expertise and the right contacts in the entertainment industry). i now question your high tech knowledge, your ability to make the right contacts and relationships,and your ability to execute. in my opinion, its time to put up or shut up, PAUL(either increase revenues and profits to an acceptable level or resign).

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    • "what we have are bunch of fat cats feeding off the dvd revenue."

      Fat cats often have big, sharp claws.

    • i hear you too.

      i am pleased that the stock seems to be holding above 9.

      but the significant gains that you are talking about concern me. when will we know what the value of vod is? i don�t see any significant revenue from vod in the near future. what is the value of the supply software? this opportunity has been in place for some time and i don�t see any significant revenue from this business. what is the value of the retail software? i haven�t heard any significant news about this endeavor.

      the breakout of revenues I think is misleading. putting the processing of studio deals with the big three into the data processing side doesn�t impress me. that business has been in place for some time. i want to know what all the different products are generating. will pr give us that info? the only business that is impressive is the dvd revenue. and that had nothing to do with pr. maybe box office too, but I find it odd that pr didn�t support that direction. it was a couple of execs that pushed box office.

      fatboy took rent only so far. i believe that is now the case with pr. We need a ceo that understands the business. what we have are bunch of fat cats feeding off the dvd revenue.

    • Crowned is not the right term, how about:

      Aga Khaned.

    • I hear you.

      I'm not quite there just yet.

      PR has significant incentive to make this work so I say he will. Of course, I never would have provided that much incentive...if you get my drift.

      I hope we can agree that significant gains have been made since he was crowned.


    • you made your point, I made mine. the meeting didn�t offer anything other than the usual same. btw, I remember when you were giving fatboy the benefit of the doubt. wonder when you will finally agree that pr has run his course.

    • Please do not attribute me to statements I did not make, or agreement with accusations that you made.

      To be clear, I am in agreement with you only if you can clearly articulate that what you say is true. You have not.

      Up to now, all you have made are accusations. Prove it and we can talk. Otherwise, shut up or back it up.

      To be clear;
      Yes, I find your moniker amusing.
      No, I do not agree with you until you prove what you say.
      Conceptually, some of what you suggested is not appropriate, but it is not fair to simply throw mud without substantiation.
      Give me a break with the �Huh� comments. Your response on this specific issue is lame.
      If you make a statement that is not clear, then explain it.
      Once again, it is lame to answer my question, with the same question that I asked you.
      Back it up, articulate, or explain it. Otherwise, bag it.

      Kiss, Kiss to all shareholders.


    • i think it is worse than what you�ve stated in this forum several times. not only is PR lining his pockets with a huge salary, huge bonus�, huge stock options, but he also uses the rent desk to operate his other businesses. on rent business trips, he makes side trips at the expense of rent to take care of his other biz. PR also has some top execs that are not earning their keep. my sources tell me that the evp of business development hasn�t brought in a dime of new business. the svp in charge of business development hasn�t been able to bring any new business to the table either. the only exec that is really doing a good job is the svp of ondemand and the svp of the video business. And why PR hasn�t gotten rid of that worthless cfo is beyond me. i also hear that there isn�t any revenue on the software side other than box office. and rent is sharing some of the studios with nielsen and doesn�t have warner. rent doesn�t have any advertising revenue and the reporting of box office sales nationally is still a nielsen business. i also heard that some ex rent execs are headed to nielsen. the supply software is going nowhere. without yoshida they wouldn�t have a business. video games doesn�t generate any revenue nor does any of the other software that has been developed. if ondemand is way off, what other revenue opportunity is there? i think you are kidding yourself if you think PR would ever resign. once he found the golden goose, he ditched michigan, bought himself a million dollar plus west hills home and has settled in for the long haul. i don�t see any difference between PR and fatboy. maybe PR is a better salesman since we all bought into his vision. What a joke. i am also voting thumbs down on the option plan.

    • just a guess, Garcrash. I won't have to call you to have that little discussion.

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