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  • rileywkr rileywkr Jul 28, 2005 12:39 AM Flag

    My vote on option plan

    NO, I made a big X. Small amount of shares but everything counts. A million shares from an option plan on a company with 10 million outstanding isn't cricket in my humble opinion. If I had been asked about options I would have said "Do what Buffett does". Basically no options and never will have any. Buy the stock like everyone else and of course finance it yourself not with company money like Worldcom and Conseco. Shouldn't ever be a heads they win and tails we lose deal. OK, enough for my sermon.

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    • your memory is not so good g man. i've been questioning PAUL'S compensation and stock options for at least the last two years. the man has been paid as if this was a fortune 500 company(slight exageration). PAUL only looks out for PAUL; his track record proves it. the last two years have not been all that productive in respect to revenues and profits(when was the last revenue producing announcment). PAUL has lost alot of the luster in my eyes over the last two years and this PIGOUT incentive plan takes the cake. guess who will be first in line at the trough? he has totally forgotten who put him in the chair and now thinks he should be treated as some almighty savior. all i ever hear anymore is to keep the faith and have patience. well, i've run out of both. it's time to earn that 500k and 100k in options per year. you can kiss his ring if you want,but i'll pass.

    • WOW. Everyone seems to be reacting to the option plan as though all 1 million shares are going to get granted next year and cause immediate dilution to existing shareholders. Ridiculous. The plan is good for an indefinite period until all shares are granted or the committee terminates the plan. The old plan was penned in 1997 and still had nearly 400,000 shares ungranted, hardly a track record of porking out at the option trough.

      What makes everyone think the pace of grants is going to suddenly accelerate? The way I see it, the plan, like every other one like it in corporate America, gives PR a great tool to use to attract the top entertainment industry talent we've all been saying the company needs to be successful. Remember, he's competing for that talent against some pretty large companies with multi-million share option plans.

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      • how does Buffett and MANY others like him KEEP and ATTRACT the talent that work for him? or does he do it my himself and with inferior talent? yea right!!!! ever since the great internet bubble popped, fewer and fewer successful companies are using options because their shareholders have sent the management a strong message. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! PAUL already has about 500k worth of options and has sold most of his stock. he is in line to receive another 75k worth of options from the new plan. how many GOD DAMN options does he need to feel wanted. 10 million shares and he will have over 500k in options with another 1.2 million options available if you add up the balance of the old plan and add the new one. hey rosieglasses, i've got an idea. how about generating some new F#$#ING revenues and PROFITS with the god damn new hires that he's made in the last two years. THEY haven't done SHIT since they've been there. I know PAUL is a DEMOCRAT, but this is taking corporate WELFARE to new heights. maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has received; and is in line for more options. i'm not so lucky, i had to BUY my #$%$ING shares like the rest of us common folk. PAUL is a PIG and the option trough is ripe for the porking!!!!!

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