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  • recurve333 recurve333 Nov 8, 2005 7:33 PM Flag

    One more thing

    I only had a chance to catch up with recent comments and had not even read today's announcements.

    I am ok with the earnings, but of course, want more.

    Since I literally returned from the woods this evening, wanted to hear some comments on the call. I really have no idea how it went.



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    • NBMAN - you're not. You gotta be Paul's wife or significant other, baybeeee.

    • I apologize. I recognize that the remarks referred to on my earlier post were made by persons other than you. I am certain we have to same goals which will hopefuly be fulfilled sooner, rather than later.....but above all fulfilled.

    • "I simply want shareholders to be first, clients second, and employees third."

      Hardy har har. What a laugh. I can think of exactly one company where the shareholders are really first and that's only because the managment at the firm gets discount options that expire rapidly. They have no appreciable long term stock positions for themselves just short term options. Perform within 18 months or else. None of this five and seven year option bullshit. The stock has been an absolute bull though. From under 10 to over 60 in three years!

    • Buzz:
      You see, that is the difference. I have never �bitched� about PR and the BOD, only their actions/inactions. The only wife I ever commented on was the inappropriate nature of RB�s wife on the payroll. I won�t even dignify the mother comment or OJ or his home. His income is very much our business because he is supposed to work for us. I do not believe I am being counter-productive. I only want to effect positive action for the betterment of all OWNERS. Many of these details are our business and sometimes, especially in very small companies, our employees need to be reminded of this.

      I do still have very high expectations for RENT. I simply want shareholders to be first, clients second, and employees third.

      My best to you.


    • Our EXPECTATIONS were pretty much identical. We have a differnce of opinion with respect to the conclusions drawn therefrom. Getting our new technology to produce revenue is taking longer than we hoped. There was no justification to EXPECT that would happen quickly, just hope. Those being the FACTS we have 2 options:
      !. Stay on board and see what happens.
      2. Sell your stock.

      Bitching about PR
      and his BOD, his wife, his invalid mother, comparing him to OJ, his home, or income just ain't gonna help. Posting all your perceived negatives is counter-productive to all SHAREHOLDERS best interests. JMHO

    • Bags, Buzz, etc.

      I admire your enthusiasm. You sound like me 3 to 4 years ago.
      Let me attempt to succinctly articulate some of the differences about management/BOD/and leadership; and our impressions and expectations.

      The key word is EXPECTATION. Most of our expectations can be summed up in the following. You can determine the definition of �our� or �we�.

      We changed management with the expectation of cleaning this up, putting in competent/experienced/other management, then selling or moving on. We are happy we didn�t go belly up, prior to, or soon after the change. We have been kept on a string due to promises, stories, and quite frankly, expectations of a pretty interesting business model. We had expectations of business deals that have not yet been finalized. We had expectations that culminated 12 to 24 months ago. We had expectations that the BOD would act in shareholder�s best interest, like holding back on option grants, maintaining reasonable staff/management compensation (at least performance based), and pay ONLY AFTER shareholders have been taken care of. We expected pay would be in one form or the other but not both, and certainly not excessive. We had expectations that the BOD would own our stock, in the same fashion that we have acquired ours. We have expected some significant returns to be delivered by management. We are not happy because this hasn�t transpired and we keep getting told next year or the next. Our expectation is that senior managers would not receive 10 � 25% annual base salary increases without shareholders benefiting first. Our expectation is to be kept informed on progress and business initiatives, certainly to the extent of the law, but we don�t want sandbagging. We certainly didn�t expect to be waiting this long. We are tired.

      My best to shareholders.


    • you have no credability when you mention wal- mart in the same breath with rentrak. you are either the dreamer of the 21 century or the moron that you mentioned. just how many retail and/or supply chain essentials clients does rentrak have? you talk about; will be's, if's, and candy and nuts. all dreams at this pointe. i've heard all of pr's dreams for the last five years. i want RESULTS, not dreams. you just keep on dreaming and maybe someday one of them will come true. let's see, if i win the lottery next week, i'll be rich! COOL!

    • Poor staying power my ass.

    • thank you.....well said.

    • Why so hard on PR?

      Man you guys are tough. As shareholders it�s reasonable to be critical but at some point you need to get on the team a little. I�m disappointed in some of you fellow shareholders and your poor staying power. PR has brought this company back from big trouble a few years ago. He�s doing an outstanding job of keeping the financials strong, growing the core business products and at the same time diversifying in areas that show promise. With you gentlemen, at every turn he�s damned if he does and damned if he doesn�t. For example, Rentrak as you should know has a huge opportunity if they can move their business intelligence offerings to the Retail and Supply Chain sectors. With the right supply chain sales and marketing experts, Rentrak will be offering supplier portals and retail demand reporting solutions with monthly revenues that makes movie intelligence look like a sideshow. The supply chain industry is MASSIVE. Did you know that the nations number one retailer (Wal-Mart) ALONE serves 100 million customers per week? If Wal-Mart were a country it would be the 20th largest in the world, if it were a city it would be the fifth largest in America. The business intelligence opportunities in this sector are seemingly beyond your comprehension.

      But how does he get started? Can he hire a bunch of experts? Of course not, you guys would massacre him. I can just read the msg board�.: �PR takes his eye off the ball�Why is he investing in other markets?..I�m selling.�

      PR is not afraid to partner. He knows how to deal and deals he will do. If you stick with it, don�t be surprised to see many alliances and partnerships in the future. PR will position Rentrak to take advantage of new opportunities in a prudent and effective way for the SHAREHOLDERS.

      Unless you�re a moron, you�re investing money in this company with an eye towards long term growth. Understand that this type of product takes time to develop but the returns are enormous.

      PR is using his political skills, hiring acumen, and hard work to create alliances that will help drive revenues on many fronts. As with any good C.E.O. his focus is on SHAREHOLDER VALUE. Quit acting like little girls or sell your stock and go away. If you stay just be patient, the $$ will be there.

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