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  • ronnyspizzas ronnyspizzas Jun 20, 2006 12:11 AM Flag

    Interview Part 2

    Dateline Portland, Oregon. Amalgamated Press (�AP�)
    Unofficial one-on-one follow-up with Rentrak�s Chairman, CEO, and skilled public speaker, Paul Rosenbaum.

    By: Balan Bableson

    Last week, I had the special opportunity to conduct a follow-up (again, top-secret) interview with the flappable Paul Rosenbaum of Rentrak.

    Balan: Wow. Looks like your shareholders really listened closely to your last shareholder call. Their ears must have communicated with their feet because they �started walking�.

    PR: I thought it was a good call. I�m not perfect, but I think we are doing a good job.

    Balan: How can you do a good job when you seam to step in something every time you open your trap?

    PR: Look, I believe time will show what this company can do.

    Balan: Yeah we are all still waiting.

    PR: If you�re so smart, what would you do?

    Balan: What a great question. How about discussing openly the things this company is working on? How about shutting down all the freebies you are doing for other companies and demanding a fee? How about working on a new presentation, better yet, how about looking for a new presenter, someone who can actually speak publicly? How about demanding performance from your management before you pay them?

    PR: What the heck am I doing here talking to you?

    Balan: That�s exactly the thought that I had just after our last interview.

    PR: This company is on the precipice of being on the forefront of a significant industry shift in measurement of data(r). We have set the pace with respect to VOD data capture and hope to be included in the chain of electronic marketing sales, when that gets started.

    Balan: You know that�s another thing. The word is d-a-t-a, not data(r).

    PR: Huh?

    Balan: Ok, last question. When is the next option grant for management, will this company ever make any real money, will management be paid only if they produce, and when are you going to start supporting the stock to ease shareholder burden?

    PR: Are you actually going to print this?

    (I hope somebody shares these interviews with the real PR because there is concern about the king wearing clothes�)

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    • Very good interview - it makes the point perfectly - that is ---- Paul does not care about anyone, but himself. Paul lured a group of people in to over throw Ron B with promises of how things would be done....

      We won and Paul appointed himself CEO/President - no voting and screwed all the rest of us. He is a complete asshole.....

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