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  • ma_brown ma_brown Dec 1, 2006 1:00 AM Flag

    I can't believe there is nothing going

    on on this message board with the stock 40 % over all time highs- why, who how etc...

    PR is the biggest crook and lier I have ever met - have heard from previous employees that this is common knowlege thoughout the company, he has basically been stealing from us for years. What gives?

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    • "PR is the biggest crook and lier I have ever met"

      So, you know him?

      These are things PR is NOT. Overpaid, based on our expectations? Yes. Skilled public speaker? Not really.

      Crook? You are mistaken and new to this train. What's the matter? Did he finally get rid of some old dead wood and you are it?



      p.s. waiting for the ad pricing model and news of addl theatrical biz. Recent B/D reports have been positive.

      p.p.s. Ma: it's spelled liar, not lier, and RB was the only recent CEO that might come close to your description. Better cover, 'cause it's headed much higher.

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