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  • johnhulme2505 johnhulme2505 Nov 6, 2007 3:39 PM Flag

    Movie Gallery Files Chapter 11

    I dont understand your concern. Check this old article below. Am I missing something?

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    • I was under the impression that a great deal of Rentrak's rental data came from MOVI. As far as I know they do not get rental data from Blockbuster nor do they get it from Netflix. How are they going to generate revenue on Rental activity if they keep losing data? Isn't Rentrak's value to the studios based on their ability to shed light on how the consumer is using the studio's content?

      Rentrak doesn't have the biggest rental companies and they don't have the biggest retail companies. Where's the Wal-Mart data? PPT represents over 80% of Rentrak's topline and nearly 100% of its profits. From what I gather PPT is the studio business. Why would the studios continue to do business with Rentrak if they keep losing data? The studios want Rentrak to increase its footprint not decrease it. I think this is a big problem.

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      • You need to get better informed. Rentrak's DRS business consists of Rentrak collecting data from ALL Blockbuster and Movie Gallery stores as well as ALL Netflix data and auditing that data on behalf of the studios to make sure the payments those companies send to the studios jibe with the actual rental transactions. The studios pay Rentrak for performing that service. That's the only revenue Rentrak gets that is related to those big guys and it's been that way for several years. In total, the DRS business represented only about 5% of Rentrak's total revenues in f2007, so you can figure the portion represented by MOVI was probably 2% or less. The rest of their PPT revenues, that account for about 85% of the total, come from the revenue sharing rentals that happens in all the smaller rental shops around North America. (All this stuff is in the 10-K, by the way.)

        MOVI is still renting titles and even if they aren't able to emerge from bankruptcy, their stores will end up in somebody's hands (probably Blockbuster's), and continue to rent titles. (after marginal performing stores are shuttered.)

        If you want to play the short game and spread worrisome, undefendable rumors, you need to pick a different angle.

    • Movie Gallery has been a minor portion of Rentrak's revenues since they (MOVI) went direct-to-studio with their revenue-sharing deal in 2005 (just like Blockbuster did several years prior). The only revenue Rentrak generates indirectly from MOVI and Blockbuster is in their "DRS" revenues that come from auditing the figures those two retailers report to the studios for calculating revenue-sharing.

      MOVI's bankruptcy filing is a non-event for Rentrak.

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