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  • killshot_1999 killshot_1999 May 23, 2000 1:39 PM Flag

    The facts as I see them -

    we own a Company worth $15.00 - $20.00 per share
    selling for $4 & change. With all due respect or shame to
    those who deserve credit or blame, shareholders are now
    demanding a plan to boost our share price and value. I say
    "make it so"! Now!

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    • what_goes_does_come_around what_goes_does_come_around Jun 23, 2000 12:22 PM Flag

      Your message is hardly worth a respose. What an
      angry little turd you must be. I am in this for the
      money not this gossipy name calling. How old are you ??
      Oh wait, you were fired during the transition a few
      weeks ago. I will pay no attention to your outbursts.
      Another addition: (not mine): Why is this level of
      hostility reaching a critical mass.

    • idiot! and fyi, I ain't no employee.

    • what_goes_does_come_around what_goes_does_come_around Jun 23, 2000 1:40 AM Flag

      I still don't get the Trojan horse metaphor. Who
      gives a good godd__n who berger has lunch with. And
      your grousing about a successful business man buying a
      house in Palm Springs is housewife gossip. Prehaps,
      MILD78, your father should add "Rent" to the nanny watch
      software you need. Furthermore if an employee (and we are
      making an assumption that Albert Meat IS an employee)
      only cares about his/her/it's paycheck - WHO CARES.

      I am looking to make money on what I feel is a
      company with potential. Even if is about to be classified
      as a "penny stock". This post by mild78 has
      discouraged my group. Yet, so many of the posts on this board
      seem to be juvenile "digs" between employees. Best
      wished to Ron B., keep banking those paychecks Al and
      mild78, well, keep the gossip going. NOTE TO ANY LEGIT
      STOCK HOLDERS: I am sorry for the length of this post
      but we have been looking long and hard at Mr. Bergers
      basically successful company. Posts such as this one by
      mild78 indicate hostility within the organization. Once
      again, what the heck is the Trojan horse metaphor ??

    • Haven't heard from you for awhile
      Are you
      still collecting those pay
      checks. By the way your
      pay checks
      can't be to big if your only in a

      cubicle. The big money goes to those with the
      offices.Infact I can't recall any one in a cubicle being

      taken to lunch by Mr. Berger. Hope to
      here from you
      soon.(June 30)

    • Sorry to hear about the indigestion that that
      "awful group" is causing poor Ron. Perhaps he should see
      a doctor about that "foaming". It can't be healthy.

      It is my opinion that RB has been reading this
      thread for some time. Too bad he doesn't like to see
      that people out here do NOT see things his

      Re: his comments (yours) about the SEC... not a
      chance. There are already rules surrounding these
      matters. We all want the same thing, a successful company.
      Most here just don't like our direction/leadership. As
      long as employees don't comment about something
      confidential or priviledged, there is no problem. Speaking
      with management and employees has always been a method
      of DD (due diligence)used by investors, and
      particularly, professional advisors. My take is that RB just
      doesn't like to be accountable. He never has 'cause the
      board never made him. Big mistake. That is about to

      Actually, I would love to hear more from employees. How is
      my (partial) company doing? Just how many employees
      do we have now? (you see, management doesn't always
      want to discuss these things). So, why haven't the big
      guys taken a significant pay cut? (remember, I am
      still waiting to hear about the real salary for sr.
      management. Hmmmm, we will see. 5% raises? Hmmmm )

      take on the recent changes/actions is too little too
      late (at the expense of employees). As shareholders,
      am I to believe that the same old management has
      finally figured it out? That is, how to run a business
      for shareholders? I doubt it. If so, the "sudden
      responsibility" will be short lived.

      If RB wants posters
      to reveal their identity, why doesn't RB wish to
      reveal those "sweeeeet" Rentrak investments/loans that
      he keeps taking write-off on? Just exactly what were
      they? I really want to know what my company is
      investing in. (yes, he buys/sells stocks. why?

      My best to employees. Keep us owners informed.

    • I agree with you completely on the
      management but I also think it
      goes even further. To many
      V.P"s. Also on execution,you are right but its hard to
      get things
      executed when you have all these
      managers that are afraid to make a
      decision for fear
      that it will offend those in high places. You need
      people that will make decisions
      and take
      responsibility for the decisions they make.

    • You are wrong about Rentrak not
      laying off for
      12 years. They have
      had at least 2 lay offs in
      the last
      4 years.
      Fired employee in the
      building? Are
      you worried about an ex-employee

      hurting you or something? From what
      I have seen most
      employees that leave rentrak on there own or escorted out
      (as in a lay off) find
      out it was the best thing
      that happen to them. Most get better jobs
      with hire

    • There was no Rentrak 12 years ago and the last
      BIG layoffs were just a
      few years ago as per my
      co-workers. They called it the Memorial Day Massacre. And the
      ex-employee was taking things OUT of the building. And that
      CAN make a difference to the Rentak stock. Now get
      your facts straight. AND ADDITIONAL LAYOFFS ARE IN THE
      PIPELINE. Keep smiling.

    • RENT last laid off people something like 12 years
      ago. Does anyone actually believe more layoffs are
      coming? I don't think so. Companies usually think long
      and hard about layoffs and RENTs history indicates
      they do too.

      Fired employee in the building?
      Maybe she was being re-hired. Maybe checking on
      benefits. Maybe visiting her pals.

      Why didn't you
      ask her.

      What difference does it make to the
      value of our RENT stock.

    • Why was one of the fired employees
      let in the building yesterday ?? Her mouth and anger is pretty intense.
      Also, the all employee meeting was basically upbeat. Why all the anxiety today ???

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