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  • annechino annechino Sep 22, 2000 8:24 PM Flag

    In response to the phone calls

    Hello. My name is Michael Annechino. I was a
    member of the CARE group for those who do not know me. I
    have received many phone calls this week regarding
    messages left on this board and other issues. I would
    simply like to pass along a little information that
    might answer your questions.

    All CARE members
    were subpoenaed by Rentrak during the proxy contest in
    order to verify our YAHOO identities. All of us were
    then told by our lawyers not to post any messages on
    this board while the proxy fight was going on since we
    might then have to ammend our proxy position to include
    them (which would be time consuming and costly).

    From that day forward, up to and including today and
    prior to this message, I have not posted any comments
    on any message board. Many of you have asked me this
    which I would like to clear up once and for

    I believe very strongly that, when used properly,
    these boards provide a forum for interesting dialogue
    and a sharing of ideas and perspectives. I support
    that usage entirely. I also support the privacy that
    an alias provides but understand the questions that
    might arise from a hidden identity. That is why I
    wanted to be very upfront regarding my posting activity
    so that no one might be misled by attributing some
    one else's comments to me.

    I hope this clears
    things up for some of you.

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    • In case you hadn't noticed, the entire stock
      market is in a MAJOR CORRECTION, not just

      And the market's major slump has co-incided with the
      CARE group's successful proxy fight.

      SO, my
      friend, it is really impossible to say which is the more
      responsible for taking the price down from $6-7 to the
      current $3.

      The market correction definitely
      affects my consideration for what, whether, and how much
      stock I will buy of RENT or any other

      ... so, would it be a safe assumption to say that
      many, if not most potential buyers of RENT are also
      being affected, and reluctant to buy? I think

      The market will not stay at these low levels forever,
      ... and neither will RENT's current price.

    • Give the man some time and take your medication. Rentrak will rise as the pieces
      fall into place.

    • Not to beat a dead horse but -

      reflect confidence and expectations for the future. When
      Paul launched his "get Bergerboy" campaign, the stock
      was in the sixes. Now, he's won, and it hits new

      If Paul's supporters believed in him, they
      wouldn't rely on Rangermale's postings and no-commission
      buys to correct this. No sirree. What they'd do is buy
      the stock to new highs.

    • Give the guy a chance. The dead wood in that
      building has been there for 5 - 10 YEARS. And they were
      taught to leech along with uncle Ron. You should of saw
      the paper shreaders the last few weeks. Paul should
      call ALL of them in one by one (if they make over 25K
      a year) to justify their presence in that building.
      It will pay off in spades (higher stock price) if he
      roots out the cancer NOW. Yes it will be bumpy but
      anybody can be replaced. And Portland has an excellent
      job pool. AND YES I am buying.
      And not paying
      commission !!!

    • Must be a way to blame it on Bergerboy.

      Is there a bottom to this one?

      When do they
      report for the quarter. Bound to be a doozy what with
      proxy war costs, Bergerboy severance, retailers

    • the only progress i can see fer sure paul's made
      is our stock hit its low for the year this

      what's next?

      will paul tell us all the bad things
      berger boy and his fellow rotten apples did to our poor

      is any one left on this board but paul lovers and ex
      employees seeking some sick revenge?

      where are the
      buyers who believe in the paul-man? Lets see you step up
      and buy.

      will this bird fly and how high, or
      should we beg berger boy to come back and save us.

    • Garcrash,
      My real name is Tim and I am a
      former employee of Rentrak. I quit the job when I became
      well.. financially independent. I play ed games on the
      message board just to watch the
      "dead wood" try and
      defend the Great name
      of Berger. Several of us ex(we
      are in a group.We had so much fun. Speaking for the
      group, We wish Paul all the best. Yes it can work. We
      hope he shakes the building and purges Bergers
      Yes we have focused on the dry-drunk in Audit
      and the little girl from a dead end FINANCE company
      he left in charge of his credit department.
      Remember: Follow the money. Demand account ability.not
      LATER- NOWWWW. No appolgizies to the 11 year dry drunk
      in Audit or the estrogen challengenged freak or the
      Bible Belter and her dubious son or brother/sister blob
      for the various posts. They all hit bulleyes.
      However,all of us wish Paul and a new day at Rentrak a
      positive and profitable future which can be had. GOODBYE.

    • i now know how john the baptist must have felt.

    • All that matters is getting this stock performing. If Paul can do it, he's my man!

      GO PAUL!

    • best of luck with your legal pursuits. yes, Paul
      is as sharp as he appears and he will do right by
      the shareholders and loyal employees at rent. i
      assure you that he will weed out the rotten apples and
      they will receive the same fate as berger boy. Paul
      has already made great progress and that progress
      will continue.

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