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  • usenatgas usenatgas Jul 11, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

    When will our great traveling African Leader allow an Export permit for LNG?

    Dominion would benefit greatly as would the Labor Market.

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    • There are now 15 messages here (including this one) but only 10 showing in responses .. dig deep - the response "reply" colunms (to the right) may have run out - or the msg. bd. has a glitch ??

    • You need to learn to be respectful to the US Preisdent, racist pup.

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      • S'cuse me "DrOid" .. we're talking about getting LNG freed up for export here .. Obama carries the clout of getting this industry moving. He's president ya know !

        What's racist about refering to HIM as "our great traveling African Leader" (?)

        Obama knows he is GREAT .. He also knows he's African, none of us (or you) labeled him .. He likes to travel ... And he's our LEADER.

        It's not our fault if this "Title" goes to his head and he gets side-tracked ... not your fault either !

        I'm sure the president enjoys your support .. he probably also enjoys your keeping "your nose" parked in his oval office .. and out of other people's business !!

        Keeping you as one of his "bobble-head's is very important to him

        NOW .. this is about 'Liquid Natural Gas" .. not your ill-conceived obsessions -

    • It appears that 'Prime Minister O'Malley', from the "left wing" State of MD. is now the hold up.

      (per Bloomberg Business) .. The Fed. Court has "ordered" a response from Maryland, requesting and citing, any applicable issue of why Dom's "permit request" is being held up at a State level 'lawsuit issue' ..
      This issue has been litigated, and won (a year ago) by Dominion. It appears that the liberal crybaby politicans in Md. are stalling "without merit"

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