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    Chronic Pain Sufferers May Rest “Assured” With This Small Pharmacy

    Pain Medications: Not a Painless Task to Acquire
    Pain Medications: Not a Painless Task to Acquire

    When one thinks of pharmacy companies, any of the large corporate brands can come to mind, depending on where you live. The pharmacy one may visit regularly is usually the one down the street, and could include: Walgreen Company (NYSE:WAG), Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD), CVS Caremark Corporation (NYSE:CVS), or even Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ:COST) or Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT). They are big, they are reliable, and they are convenient. These retail chains are fine for getting toilet paper, toothpaste, or some over-the-counter allergy or cold meds. But what do you do as a patient when you are in dire need of highly specialized meds such as ones for chronic pain management or prescriptions that are more difficult to manage or acquire? What are your options when you need an uninterrupted, reliable source of closely regulated drugs?

    The drugs in reference are various types of powerful painkillers, classified as Schedule II drugs under the Controlled Substances Act. The government has tightened its control and supervision of these drugs due to drug abuse and addiction, as well as theft, armed robbery, and subsequent illegal selling of these drugs on the black market. The FDA and the DEA have hands in these regulatory laws. The DEA crackdown is so hard, that both CVS and Walgreen’s stores have been targeted and forced to stop the sale of these drugs in the past.

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    • Private, Reliable, Safe: A Small Pharmacy In Your Corner

      As it currently stands, most patients that require these types of prescriptions may have to endure lengthy and arduous paperwork and verification processes, as regulations and laws surrounding pain medications are getting stricter. However, for those fortunate enough to live in the vicinity of an Assured Pharmacy Inc. (PINK:APHY) location, things just got a whole lot more pain-free.

      Though a company of only 35 employees, Assured Pharmacy (APHY) provides some very important services to patients in need. Opened in 2003, the company provides chronic pain sufferers simplified and convenient access to drugs for pain management. The company helps patients with the “legal hoops”, by providing an understanding and knowledgeable staff that is well versed in the regulatory proceedings, making the paperwork and approval process as pain free as possible. When living with painful afflictions and disease, the last thing the patient wants is to experience hassle and pain when depending on the drugs that allow them to go about their lives. Assured Pharmacy takes pride in delivering without any needless delays or return visits, and always having the patient’s privacy in mind.

      A Focus On Safety and Responsibility

      Some of the drugs that Assured Pharmacy provides its circa 4000 patients monthly include: Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Opana, Morphine, and Hydrocodone. The company’s objective in pain management includes orthopedics, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, physical rehabilitation, and industrial medicine. The focus is on treating patients with long-term, acute, chronic pain conditions. Assured Pharmacy practices responsible business with dispensing and distribution of prescriptions, data reporting, partnering with healthcare providers and physicians, and working with manufacturers. The company follows strict procedures, verifying legitimacy of scripts, and being 100% HIPPA (U.S.Dept. Health & Human Services)compliant.

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      • It is obvious what an important role that APHY can play in the industry with regulating and overseeing schedule 2/3 drugs. Too many people fall victim to self abuse (I've known plenty of folks) and others ruin it for the the patients truly in need. APHY seems to have a solid system in place to handle and deliver these meds. Lots of $$$ to be made as an investor here.

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