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  • Sunsetbarbie Sunsetbarbie May 24, 1998 7:05 PM Flag

    Does anybody really know?

    Does anyone out there who happens to work for
    Humana, know what is going to happen to the rest of the
    departments in the Florida markets (Credentialing and CIU)?
    We all know that Provider Services, UM and other
    departments have to reapply for positions and some will be
    out of jobs. I have a friend who works for Humana and
    moral is really down at the Markets. He said the
    Markets have hired managers that have no experience and
    they are trying to run the place. Some are really bad.
    They have no background in what they were hired to do
    and are trying to change procedures that have been in
    place for years.

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    • I have been acquainted with Humana for a
      sufficient amount of time to offer more insight on Sunset
      Barbie's comments about the Managers. Most of those
      working in that capacity in the Market office near me are
      not only well qualified, but are and have been
      challenged by downsizing. Not only are tasks completed in a
      most professional manner, but more is accomplished
      with less (referring to the downsizing and personnel

      Generalizations are flawed from the moment
      they are written or spoken...! Some employees notice
      the singular case or two of a Manager not performing
      his/her assigned duties in a professional and
      knowledgeable manner and this becomes a "blanket indictment for
      that entire group". For these reasons, I challenge the
      statement made about the management staff of Humana, and,
      in particular, the "Managers".

      I do not
      intend to demean Sunset Barbie's comments, rather I
      wanted to give another point of view and remind us all
      that generalizations are always dangerous. In
      addition, most of the management staff has been in place
      for some time...I realize the situation may be vastly
      different at other Market offices.

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      • I too know many of the people in the local market
        office and have very mixed feelings as to the level of
        talent. Many of the supervisors and managers are in their
        positions because they have been around the longest and
        there was noone else to fill the spots with. There are
        some very capapble people in the higher levels of
        management but lets face it, the only real top management
        who counts (and has a say so) is in Louisville. No
        matter what the people know locally, they are not
        "empowered" to make any real policy chages.

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