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  • friend_of_the_deceased friend_of_the_deceased Jan 9, 2000 3:13 AM Flag

    11-12/99 insider transactions

    Barron's has an article this weekend both pro and
    con (mostly con). Claims UNH, WLP or CI are better
    plays. Not expecting a buyout soon.
    Everyone should
    have a look. (1/10/00 p.13)

    Personally I think
    it smells (some shorts have friends maybe? or
    someone doesn't want a good thing spoiled yet?) -- can
    you imagine UNH going to $120 or CI going to $170 or
    WLP going to $154 in the next two years??? But HUM at
    $16-20 is not hard to imagine at all.

    Who is Vito
    J. Racanelli and why now -- right when HUM is
    starting to break out??

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    • denial?

      • 3 Replies to hillcrest250
      • Come on now -- don't you think the timing of this
        article is a little suspicious? Especially given what we
        know about the "Agenda" being pressed by these
        lawyers? Was there any new information about HUM's
        problems in the article?

        Anyway, you and I already
        agree on the endgame here -- even the article states it
        quite clearly. The idea that UNH, CI, WLP are better
        companies I can readily accept -- that they are good
        investments now that the insurance cycle is turning may also
        be true -- but that their stock is a better buy at
        this point then HUM I believe is dead wrong.

        the way, I am no spring chicken to HUM -- I have been
        buying and selling it since 1993 getting to sell at 17,
        22, 28, and 30. I am afraid I am not one of the
        disgruntled stockholders, nor will I be easily dissuaded that
        this isn't a good buying opportunity.

      • Maybe just maybe HUM is in discussions behind the
        scenes.. wondering if BARKSDALE is looking for an
        investment to add to his vast holdings? One thing is real
        though, earnings will be better than Jones lead on. He`s
        done this many many times before.. The guys a genius.
        Used WOLF as the FALL guy and jumps back in to rescue
        his child..let`s all not pretend that HUM is not
        sitting on a ton of cash and would make a great addtion
        to someone... This company has great contracts
        Medicare costs from govt. will increase, HUM market share
        of MEDICARE SUBCRIBERS has increased as BLUE CROSS
        FLA , AVMED, PRU have fumbled the ball.membership
        probably doubled...HUM sharp and calulated move here..

      • you are sounding a lot like ofl in her posts
        about the hospital cos a couple of months ago. like
        her, you know the industry and details of this co.
        like her, you are also focused on what has happended,
        rather than what will happen. that's what the market is
        about and last week the market spoke. you were silent
        then, now you "pop up' to once again preach doom.
        sorry, don't buy it.

        few things have proved as
        excellent a (contrary) indicator than barrons' stock picks
        and pans. if you had listened to abelson you would
        have missed the last 7000 points up on the dow and
        last 2000 up on the nasdaq. i'm not saying they can't
        ever be right, even a broken clock is right twice a

        i'll say it again, buy this sector and this stock on
        any weakness/correction and hold for the next 12-18


    • thanks for posting, it's been busy and i hadn't
      seen barrons yet, will check it out. hard to say how
      the stock will react given the weak opening a few
      weeks back on "good news" from barrons. but i will say
      this, should we get a nice pullback mon/tues, i'll
      likely be adding.

      have a great rest of


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